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SMU digs its heels into the 20th Century

ImageThis one cuts pretty deep on a personal level. As an alumnus and an instructor, I have a lot of fond feelings and respect for Dallas’s Southern Methodist University. Meadows School of the Arts has always been a home for me with an incredible, talented, supportive community and a world-class training program. I never had much to do with the thriving Greek scene or the business program and I’ve never attended a sporting event, but the parts of campus where I’ve spent my time have always been welcoming and strong. Since my graduation, things have only gotten better – the arts have become even more vibrant and integrated with the broader community, the University has climbed up the national rankings, and our long-dead sports teams have even begun an impressive comeback (so I’m told). The school even clawed its way off of the Princeton Review’s “LGBT-unfriendly” list.

There have been warning signs (George W. Bush Presidential Center, I’m looking at you AND your ‘Decision Points Theater’…) but they seemed like the exception, not the rule. SMU’s rise has been linked in my mind to that of Dallas itself. A city achieving its global ambitions with a global university to match. The school dreams big. Our colors aren’t red and blue – they’re Harvard red and Yale blue. Our newest branding is “World Changers Shaped Here.” I was under the impression this was a forward-thinking school claiming its place.

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Another Frontier in the Fight for Equality

There’s a fascinating case working it’s way through the Federal courts of California.

The NY Times has the scoop:

“…countless questions about the legal rights of gay men and lesbians remain. Here’s one: May gays be excluded from juries on account of their sexual orientation?”

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Final NYC Pride blowouts

So you’ve waved your rainbow flag in the march to Christopher Street and celebrated a historically queer year. Pride well done, right? Wrong! There’s so much more to get out there and do. Now of course you want to go to the official Pier Dance for Cher and fireworks. But I’m going to highlight a couple of alternatives – starting with WiLD THANG! at the Marquee NYC.Image

WiLD THANG is a party that genuinely has something for everybody. Every. Body. First up, the opening DJ will be the winner of the WiLD THANG! DJ Competition, chosen from 16 notable, up and coming East Coasters. After that, headliner Whitney Day will be turning the tables. But really, that could be any party. And this is WiLD THANG! (don’t you love that name? say it out loud with me) for NYC Pride. So they’re going all out with “elaborately costumed dancers,” Electric violinist Diva Sarina Suno, and the one of a kind “Queen of Carioca Bass,” Brazillian MC Zuzuka Poderosa. Still not enough? WiLD THANG adds to the “go-go mania” with saxophonist Alison Shearer and DJ Mary Mac. More info can be found here and here. The Marquee is a beautiful club, and Whitney Day / Hot Rabbit have gone all out to make this a memorable event to close down Pride 2013. General admission tickets are $20 and can be purchased at the door. This party starts at 6 and the dancing won’t stop until 2. Continue reading

No rain, just rainbows for NYC Pide march

It’s a gorgeous morning and the rainbows are ready to fly. Pride is always a celebration, but spirits are extraordinarily high for this historic march. 44 years since Stonewall and just 10 since Lawrence v. Texas, our community and the LGBTQ equality movement have seen remarkable progress in the last 12 months.
March organizers announced that, while there is much to celebrate this march should also serve as a call to action. They hope that the anticipated 13,000 marchers and 2 million attendees will take the spirit of Pride with them through the weeks and months to come. Whether local New Yorkers or visitors from across the world, Pride should inspire us to go home and fight to make an impact. Continue reading

Check out the party on Twitter!

I’m mobile, covering Pride in 140 characters on Twitter. Keep up with the action @theoriginalTSA. Pictures updates and more, starting with the VIP Rooftop Party at Hudson Terrace!


NYC Pride, rain or shine

In the fantastically queer words of George Michael, “Let’s go outside.” There are some great events in the out of doors, so slather on some sunscreen and keep your fingers crossed for some sunshine.


The 2nd Annual GUMBO NYC Pride Pool Party

I’ve been looking forward to this party all week. The pool opens at 2pm, which means we’ve still got time for a nice long work out before squeezing into our speedos. And your reward? Well, complimentary Absolut cocktails from 2-3, but that’s just the start. DJ Justin Dawson and DJ Jon Ali will be performing live sets while the beautiful boys and girls splash. Dirty Sugar Photography will be making GIFs to commemorate your pride (which is good, after a few “spiked poptails,” a GIF may be the only way you remember details).

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Pride kicks off on NY’s Pier 26

The first official event of NYC Pride ’13 is taking shape in the growing shadow of Freedom Tower! Heritage of Pride’s Rally is underway, and the weather is perfect. The tunes are pumping, fabulous drag queens and kings are warming up the crowd, announcing that “Pride starts here! Pride starts now!”

Betty Crocker has even brought a food truck, offering rainbow cupcakes with the promise that “Betty loves all families.” Pandora Boxx is around here somewhere getting ready to stun the crowd.

The speakers are buzzing with the thrill of Wednesday’s ruling and a brand new day for America. The enthusiasm here is about to tip out of control. 

So what are you waiting for? Get your booty down to Pier 26 and boogie. There’s a whole lotta pride, come share in it.