Symantec Drops Sexual Orientation Filter

Symantec no longer thinks non-explicit LGBTQ content needs to be filtered.
Symantec no longer thinks non-explicit LGBTQ content needs to be filtered.

I can remember, not too long ago in high school during the surge of computer availability, one of the near impossible things to do was get past the school imposed internet security filters.  So anytime you wanted to get an answer or research LBGT life, you were blocked because the filter wasn’t set to separate porn from safe sites such as the HRC, Gladd, or Glsen.  According to an AP article, Symantec isn’t the first internet security company to do this, but jumping on board is still a welcomed move.  Here’s a statement from Symantec after the jump. Continue reading

Stunning Day in Court for Marriage Equality

Never before has the legal case for nationwide marriage equality seemed stronger than at the recent Federal Court of Appeal’s argument in the Indiana and Wisconsin marriage cases. For nearly two hours, the Seventh Circuit panel of three judges, appointed by Presidents Reagan, Clinton, and Obama, tore gaping holes in every argument the states’ attorneys defending Indiana and Wisconsin’s marriage bans offered. Continue reading

Bisexual celebrities!


So I came across this post yesterday and I’ve been taking my time reading it.  It’s a list of 20 celebrities, who their own admission, swing both ways.  Some I knew about, some I suspected might be a secret superhero (like Josh Hutcherson) and some I literally had no idea about!  This is a great article and while I’ve been pretty aware that bisexuality is getting a little better press and coverage these days I was reminded what a positive impact people coming out and being open about who they are.

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Harry Potter | Casting His Spells on the Millennial Generation

Publicity Photo09202014_0712I ran across an article just recently, that discusses the likely impact that, thru J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter, had on those of us who are millennials, which is someone who was born 1980 thru around 2000, and this shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, as this generation pretty much grew up with the Harry Potter series. Continue reading

Thailand’s White Temple: A Must Go


Hey everyone, a bit of a different post today! There is a place in Thailand I recently came across in my studies for art class. I found Thailand’s White Buddhist Temple, which was built in 1997 by Chalermchai Kositpipat. The artist is a very devout Buddhist but wants to re-see art for the modern world. Even before you enter the temple you’ll come across red skulls on traffic cones that emphasis a mystic feel. The temples website reads: Continue reading

GOP bails on the country

Just when you think House Republicans couldn’t stoop any lower:  they do.  In yet another despicable move that should insult every hard-working American in the country, the do-nothing GOP voted yesterday to give themselves another eight weeks off.  Immediately after they skipped town to hit the campaign trails in their respective districts and won’t reconvene in Washington until after the midterms in November.

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Different from the norm

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