Matt Bomer to says farewell to Neal

white collar final season promo

I’m almost ashamed to admit that we have been guilty of neglecting QL darling Matt Bomer.  Nate and I are big fans of the openly-gay actor and it was Nate in fact who turned me on to White Collar.  We’ve been good Bomer-ites and have religiously kept up with the show for sure.

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Three more laws passed in California protecting LGBT citizens!


Yesterday I wrote about California Gov. Jerry Brown signing the bill outlawing the “gay panic” defense,  and it turns out we have more great news regarding LGBT protections coming out of California!

Three additional laws have been passed,  further pushing California towards equality.

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California Congressman’s official website posts image insulting to trans community

Johnny Depp as Ed Wood

In a display of incredible insensitivity and insult, Devin Nunes, a GOP representative for California’s 22nd District, on his official Congressional website, used the above picture in “The Nunes Digest” to link to a report of the California legislature passing a bill allowing death certificates to reflect the expressed gender of the decedent.  Not content to simply comment on the legislation, Nunes posted an image expressly to insult the transgender community.

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All Eyes Turn to the U.S. Supreme Court

On Monday, the United States Supreme Court was scheduled to discuss seven petitions from five different states urging the Court to decide the constitutionality of state laws excluding same-sex couples from marriage on a nationwide basis. The Supreme Court has complete discretion over whether or not to take a case. And no one knows if the Court will decide whether to take any of the cases at this time or defer its decision until a future conference this fall. Indeed, the Court will have a lot to cover at its first conference with 53 petitions in other cases on its schedule as well. However, we could learn next week – possibly as early as Tuesday — whether the Court will take up the issue of the freedom to marry nationwide this term, with a substantive, definitive decision likely in June 2015.

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California Gov. Jerry Brown signs bill outlawing “Gay Panic” legal defense

cal gov.jerry.brown.Yesterday, California Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill outlawing  “gay panic” as a  legal defense. Previously, defendants could claim they were “panicked” into committing a violent crime by virtue of the victim’s sexual orientation and plead for a lesser sentence.  Continue reading

Free tickets to World Wide Art Los Angeles!

world_wide__art__la__3Hey everyone, have we got something special for you! Do you love art? Well you have the chance to go to World Wide Art Los Angeles for free! World Wide Art L.A. is an international fine arts show that will serve as a visual montage of influential fine art in 2014, as it exists across the globe.

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The latte salute seen ’round the World


Leading the charge of the Light (Headed) Brigade, Steve Doocy of Fox’s Fox and Friends waxed not-very-poetic, but rather apoplectic, about the “latte salute”.  Upset that President Obama saluted the Marine guards while holding a cup in his hand, (at least it wasn’t a dog, right?) Doocy made his own gaffe.  Describing the scene as President Obama stepping off of “Air Force One”, he firmly planted his own foot in his mouth.

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Different from the norm

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