Swedish retailer auctions off PS4 Gaystation!


Well this is just cool! In honor of the Stockholm Pride Festival, Swedish electronics retailer Webhallen is auctioning off a rainbow-striped, 500gb ‘Gaystation 4′! The whole package comes with the game console, a DUALSCHOCK 4 controller,a cord for the controller, a headset, HDMI cable, and four games. As of now the auction has  reached 19000 kr, or about $2757 USD, and all proceeds will go to the Swedish LGBTQ organization the RSFL Newcomers.

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UFC Fighter shows support with “Legalize Gay” underwear during weigh-in

Ultimate Fighter Kyle Kingsbury made some waves during his weigh-in over the weekend for his retirement fight against Patrick Cummins. He dropped his pants to reveal a beautiful pair of pastel pink briefs with the words “Legalize Gay” written on them! Unfortunately he ended up losing the fight against Cummins, but he has won the hearts of gay men everywhere.

More of the very rewarding gifs after the jump!

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Creators of ASAP Science come out for a second time!


We know you go on YouTube for educational reasons (okay, and to check out  that guy’s abs). The creators ASAP Science, of one of my favorite channels who have helped millions of viewers and I get smarter every day, have come out of the closet for a second time. Greg and Mitch have been together for seven years, and have been out in their personal lives, decided it was time to come out online because of the homophobic and trolling comments they have been getting on their videos.

Watch their super adorable video after the jump!

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Rick Springfield talks about depression

This video profiles 80’s pop sensation Rick Springfield and his life-long bout with depression.  He opens up about his suicide attempt as a teenager and his struggles, and triumphs, throughout his childhood, career, family, and spiritual life.

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