Phoenix Art Museum has got it going on!


Last weekend I took a quick get-away weekend vacation to Phoenix, Arizona. I know what you’re thinking, Phoenix  of all places?! Well, let me tell you, I would do it again. And a big reason for that is the Phoenix Art Museum! Coming from the Bay Area, I would put the Phoenix Art Museum right up there with SFMOMA and the de Young museum!
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Atari to release LGBT Mobile game!

Well here’s a thing I never even knew was in the works. Gaming giant Atari is getting ready to launch a specific LGBT themed mobile game! It’s called PRIDEFEST, a city-building game much like that of Roller Coaster Tycoon, but with LGBT peoples.

The Engadget article I found this fantastic news in, puts a lot of stress on the buying power of the LGBT community ($830 billion in the US) and strongly pushes the idea PRIDEFEST is just pandering to the community.

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Vikings Special Teams Coach suspended, report still nowhere to be found.

Vikings Special Teams Coach Mike PrieferWe have a small update since the last time we spoke of Kluwe and the Vikings. Vikings Special Teams Coach Mike Priefer, (the one who spoke of putting all gay people on an island and “nuking it until it glows.”) has been suspended for three games, and made to donate $100,000 to LGBT organizations by the Vikings organization.

Priefer also released a statement apologizing for what he said:

I owe an apology to many people – the Wilf family, the Minnesota Vikings organization and fans, my family, the LGBT community, Chris Kluwe and anyone else that I offended with my insensitive remark. I regret what has occurred and what I said. I am extremely sorry but I will learn from this situation and will work on educating others to create more tolerance and respect.

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Chris Kluwe to sue Vikings for investigation findings

chrisKluweSince the news first came out that Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe was fired, it was immediately thought to be because of his outspoken LGBT stance. The Minnesota Vikings then hired Minnesota Supreme Court Chief Justice Eric Magnuson and former U.S. Justice Department attorney Chris Madel to do an independent investigation to see if there was credibility to that claim.  Now, six months after the start of the investigation, the report is finished and in the hands of the Vikings.

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Tuesday Beer Review: Alphadelic IPA from Hop Valley Brewing Co.


This his a hip-hoppy sunofab*tch beer that does not hold back. Mike and I were hiking Mt. Shasta (yes the actual mountain) and on the drive back pulled into a little grocery store to use the restroom while still in Northern California. Of course we did the right thing and patronized the store, buying this uber delicious 6 pack of Alphadelic IPA from Hop Valley.

This is not a beer to be trifled with. This is my first time having a brew hailing from the great Pacific Northwest city of Eugene, Oregon, and if this is what most of their craft brews are like, it is imperative I plan an excursion to drink and be merry!

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Pasta Pelican- Delicious Italian food in Oakland, CA

Jack London Square view from Pasta Pelican Restaurant in Alameda

So for Fourth of July, Mike and I had dinner at a fantastic Italian restaurant called Pasta Pelican. It’s a beautiful, classy place in Alameda just across the water from Oakland Jack London Square with a great view of the estuary.

To get started, we ordered an appetizer of bruschetta. This was the best bruschetta I’ve had in recent years hand-down.  Instead of on the traditional thin, toasted bread, it came with luxurious thick, warm, soft freshly baked slices. All topped off with a savory garlic pesto.

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Hobby Lobby ruling has thrown us down a slippery slope


Okay, so if you’ve been living under a rock and you haven’t heard, the Hobby Lobby won their Supreme Court case. Essentially, the ruling allows for closely-held private businesses to disregard a provision in the Affordable Healthcare Act requiring businesses to offer health insurance that covers birth control.

As you can imagine, this spells bad news for everyone.

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