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GX: Everyone Games (formerly GaymerX) lives to see another year!


Gay gamers convention formally known as GaymerX, is alive and kicking under their new name, GX3: Everyone Games! GX3 will stay in the Bay Area, and will still focus on attracting and creating a safe place for all LGBTQIA gamers to get together and have some fun.

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Police stating in Limerick, Ireland will fly rainbow flag during Pride Parade!


Henry Street Garda Station in Limerick will fly the rainbow flag during the Limerick Pride Festival! Photo via Irish Times

Now here is a police force who care about their fellow citizens! The Henry Street Garda station will be the first Grada station (police station) to fly a rainbow flag in all of the Republic of Ireland!

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Kristin Chenoweth for Marriage Equality!

Emmy and Tony winner Kristin Chenoweth did a great spot for the HRC and marriage equality, check it out!

True Blood: Final season disappoints to the bitter end


This past Sunday the finale episode (titled “Thank You”) of the final season of True Blood aired. And If you couldn’t tell what I thought of it by the title, I’ll tell you again. It was bad. Disappointingly, time wasting-ly terrible. It was bad and the writers should feel bad.

Okay, with that out of my system I’ll tell you why it was bad. And there will be spoilers.

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7th grader locates fungus infecting those affected by HIV/AIDS


Anne Maben/Courtesy of LA County Science & Engineering Fair

This is some amazing news! A fungus that causes deadly infections and has been responsible for up to one-third of AIDS-related deaths has now been located. People living in Southern California have been getting sick from the fungus (called Cryptococcus gattii) for years, but nobody exactly new how.

It was suspected the fungus grew on trees, and Duke University postdoc Deborah Springer, who studies c. gattii, didn’t have the time figure out which ones.That was until Springer got in contact with then-7th grader Elan Filler, who was looking for a science fair project.

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Beware of ‘ARMAGAYDDON’- Irish Marriage Equality PSA


Things are heating up in Ireland while they prepare for a 2015 referendum on same-sex marriage. LGBT Noise, an independent same-sex marriage advocacy group in Ireland, released this pretty fantastic Public Service Announcement warning people about ‘ARMAGAYDDON‘ and the catastrophic consequences that same-sex marriage will bring.

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Chris Kluwe and Minn. Vikings reach settlement, Vikings to donate to LGBT goups


Chris Kluwe

The Minnesota Vikings have reached a settlement with former punter and LGBT advocate Chris Kluwe, by agreeing to donate  “a substantial amount” to LGBT organizations and continuing “to enhance [their] sensitivity training policy.

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