Roscoes on 7th Street


So I got to steal away for some more vacation time and I hopped to Phoenix, Arizona for the weekend.  Before we were wheels up at SFO I had already determined in my heart that I would return to my Gay Sports MECCA while I was there.  As usual, Roscoes on 7th didn’t disappoint.

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HG2 season review


So I just got done with the second season of Hemlock Grove.  I can’t give it an A+ but it was definitely worthy of a standard A for Excellent!  In leadership training at FedEx Office we used to teach the P.O.P. model of feedback.  Always start with a positive, then transition into an “opportunity” for improvement, then finish with another positive.  Some also call this the “sandwich” method.  Click the link below and read my official analysis of HG2.  Warning:  Spoilers ahead!

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World Cup Final hotties

christopher kramer germany fifa

So I’ve never been a big soccer fan.  I know I’ll piss some people off by not calling it football but oh well.  We have football in this country and it’s just different.  There is no doubt that “futbol” has a global audience and I think we saw the sport catch on more in America this year than ever before.  I watched a full USA game this year and I’m watching the FIFA Final today.  It’s half-time and I’ve decided who I’m rooting for.

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SF VIP Pride Party gets an A

SF Pride VIP Party 2014

So I’ve been meaning to pay a visit to the San Francisco VIP Pride Party at City Hall for a few years now.  I did this year as a part of my Pride festivities and I was really impressed and had a great time.  The VIP Party gets a big thumbs up from me and a grade of A for sure.

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