Oakland Pride is just around the corner!

oakland pride 2014

Well, summer is marching to a close but don’t forget Oakland Pride is coming soon.  This year, Oakland is going balls to the wall and adding a parade.  Mark your calendars for Labor Day weekend and come OUT and support the East Bay.  For more information click the link below…

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Rick Springfield talks about depression

This video profiles 80’s pop sensation Rick Springfield and his life-long bout with depression.  He opens up about his suicide attempt as a teenager and his struggles, and triumphs, throughout his childhood, career, family, and spiritual life.

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Roscoes on 7th Street


So I got to steal away for some more vacation time and I hopped to Phoenix, Arizona for the weekend.  Before we were wheels up at SFO I had already determined in my heart that I would return to my Gay Sports MECCA while I was there.  As usual, Roscoes on 7th didn’t disappoint.

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HG2 season review


So I just got done with the second season of Hemlock Grove.  I can’t give it an A+ but it was definitely worthy of a standard A for Excellent!  In leadership training at FedEx Office we used to teach the P.O.P. model of feedback.  Always start with a positive, then transition into an “opportunity” for improvement, then finish with another positive.  Some also call this the “sandwich” method.  Click the link below and read my official analysis of HG2.  Warning:  Spoilers ahead!

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