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I'm the founder and managing editor of Queer Landia. I live in the SF Bay Area and communication, technology, and leadership are my true passions in life.

Lenn Keller interview


There were some reading materials that went out last week as a part of the community forum series that kicked off last Thursday night at the GLBT History Museum.  I actually didn’t make it the City for the event but one of the online articles that was to be discussed was very well done, very thorough, and very lesbian!

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Thank you Club iCandy!

icandy logo 1000 x 400

Club iCandy in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA has renewed their annual sponsorship in support of our gay blogs.  Club iCandy will be linked on our sponsors page here on QL and remains the major sponsor of the Philly page over at Queer Networks.  This is Club iCandy’s second year of sponsorship and we wanted to give them a public shout and thank them for their support.

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Rob Ford is done

Image: Rob Ford

You know what they say, “It’s not over until the fat lady (and by that we mean crack-smoking mayor of Toronto) sings.”  Rob Ford is singing the blues today and throwing in the towel in his rebid as mayor of Toronto.  I’m not one for kicking a man while he’s down but this is probably overdue.

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The NFL got it really really wrong

I’ve been mulling it over in my head for a few days now and I thought it was time I weighed in and posted some of my thoughts about the NFL and the new Ray Rice video that emerged this week.  There is no other way to say this:  The NFL handled almost this entire situation really, really wrong.  The initial two-day suspension of Ray Rice was a ghastly error in and of itself.

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Cheese head Nate

nathan cheesehead web friendly

So football season kicked off last week and both my Dallas Cowboys and Nate’s Green Bay Packers dropped their opening games and didn’t play all that well.  I’ll have more to say about Ray Rice and the mishandling of his domestic abuse case soon but Nate and I got into the spirit of the new season in honor of a very special occasion.

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