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California Congressman’s official website posts image insulting to trans community

Johnny Depp as Ed Wood

In a display of incredible insensitivity and insult, Devin Nunes, a GOP representative for California’s 22nd District, on his official Congressional website, used the above picture in “The Nunes Digest” to link to a report of the California legislature passing a bill allowing death certificates to reflect the expressed gender of the decedent.  Not content to simply comment on the legislation, Nunes posted an image expressly to insult the transgender community.

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The latte salute seen ’round the World


Leading the charge of the Light (Headed) Brigade, Steve Doocy of Fox’s Fox and Friends waxed not-very-poetic, but rather apoplectic, about the “latte salute”.  Upset that President Obama saluted the Marine guards while holding a cup in his hand, (at least it wasn’t a dog, right?) Doocy made his own gaffe.  Describing the scene as President Obama stepping off of “Air Force One”, he firmly planted his own foot in his mouth.

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Fresno’s Reel Pride Celebrates 25 years


Beginning in a classroom at Fresno State 25 years ago, Reel Pride is now the 6th oldest, and one of the largest, LGBT film festivals in the United States.  The 25th festival begins on Wednesday, September 17, and runs through Sunday the 21st.  30 films will be screened at venues in Fresno’s historic Tower District.  For information on films and times, visit the Reel Pride website.

LGBT Youth Activism Growing in Rural Community


In 2012, rural Tulare County, California, saw a first.  That was the year local LGBT activists set up a booth at the Tulare County Fair (and even won a first place ribbon and trophy!).  Continuing that historic trend in this bright red section of otherwise blue California, a brand new group in the small city of Tulare secured space and set up a table at the 2014 Tulare County Fair. The Tulare LGBT Alliance is continuing the outreach to the wider community, and is joining other organizations in Tulare County to spread the word.  Congratulations from Queerlandia to the Tulare LGBT Alliance!

While SCOTUS ponders marriage equality in 2014, a look back at Dallas 1981

Steven (Slade) Childers, 1974
Steven (Slade) Childers, 1974

In March, 1981, United States District Court, N. D. Texas, Dallas Division, issued a ruling in the case Childers v. Dallas Police Department.  That ruling was the final act in a years-long legal battle between an openly gay Dallas city employee and the Dallas Police Department.

Reading the Court’s “MEMORANDUM OPINION AND ORDER”, two things stand out. One might be considered reasonable, from a particularly legal standpoint. The other, however, seems to say it was unreasonable to expect employees of the Dallas Police Department to behave in a professional manner around a gay man!
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Grindr reactivates distance feature for most users

grindr_logoGrindr users in the United States and other western countries have had the distance feature of the gay hook-up and social app restored.  After reports that the app could be manipulated to determine the exact location of a user, Grindr disabled the capability.  In order to protect users in locations where they could be at risk of arrest or violence if discovered, Grindr has deactivated the distance display, and taken steps to prevent the ability to triangulate user’s locations from the app.  Other users have had the feature reactivated.

Grindr’s blog has posted the following information:

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Michael Sam to be a Cowboy?


Michael Sam to become a Dallas Cowboy? Probably.

After being cut by the St. Louis Rams, Sam is to report for a physical exam Wednesday, and if he passes, will be added to the Cowboy’s practice squad.

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