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A Great Sermon (by a Southerner!) in Support of Us

I’m not gonna lie about this. I wasn’t so sure of what I was going to hear when I started this video. Would he be like many other pastors and slam us, say we’re going to hell, and talk about our so-called perversions? Would he try to save our souls (because, of course, it’s impossible to be gay AND Christian, right?!)? But I decided to suspend my doubt and fear and give it a listen…and I”m so glad I did. It’s so insightful and makes some points I hadn’t thought of or heard before. And-get this.  He is not only a Southerner (Birmingham, AL) but also a traditional Christian (Methodist). This sermon was a delightful surprise. My thanks go out to Wade Griffith, the pastor, for making this video accessible to me…and for giving me a little bit of faith in Christians…and Southerners!  :-)

A Gay Dad’s Requiem for a Little Boy Named Zachary, Killed Because He Might Become Gay

Jamie Pettus:

This is very sobering and so well written. I am embarrassed that these ignorant, hateful people are from Oregon, but there is hate everywhere. Fortunately, there is also incredible goodness and light. Yin and Yang.

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Image When my sons were very little, about three years old, there were times when I would sit back and just marvel at them.  Here were these incredible little boys exploring and reacting to the world around them.  Since my sons are “almost twins”, only four months apart in age having been born to different drug addicted mothers, they experienced most things at the same developmental level.

Because each had his own individual personality, the reactions and interactions became unique and fascinating.  As they grew, they seemed to depart from things that were generically baby gestures, to behaviors that were characteristic of them themselves.  They were becoming their own people with personalities.

This was both exciting and daunting for a parent to observe.  On the one hand, it was the watch of time and change interceding far too quickly, and at too great a rapid pace. On the other, it was…

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Her Ad Lib Lines Were Well Rehearsed

Anybody recognize that line? It’s from a Rod Stewart song that has always stuck with me. I first heard the song when I was VERY young (like, in the womb!) and it really made me stop and think. I won’t say the name of the song because I want to see who comments with the right answer first WITHOUT GOOGLING!  :-)

I like the puzzlement I felt, and still feel when I hear this line. It reminds me of how a college friend used to shake his head back and forth in the ‘no’ fashion and at the same time say ‘yes’. I like that it confused me and caused me to look further.  I still do that every time I hear that line. 

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Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

I watched this documentary recently and have to say it inspired me. It’s about Joe Cross. a guy who has chronic health conditions and decides, after trying many other ways to treat it, to try a 60 day juice fast to try to cure it. I don’t know about you, but a week of juice seems like a very long time to me. He was desperate to repair his health and lose weight, so he went on this juice fast (with regular medical supervision). He had been a junk food eater and so this was a major change for him. He decided he wanted to see if the body could heal itself, similar to the way it does when you have a cut.

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“Next Fall” upcoming show at Triangle Productions

Portland Queers…triangle! Productions is putting on a very timely and relevant show in March. You would be wise to make it a priority!  :-)

(Reblog from PDX Q CENTER)

Triangle Productions! Presents: “Last Fall” – Discounted Tickets Available to Q Center Supporters


Now in their 24th season, our friends over at triangle productions! are back with the 2010 Tony Nominated Play “Next Fall” March 13th-April 6th — and they are offering a discount to all Q Center supporters!

Click HERE for tickets and click the link below for more info.

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Seemed Like A Good Idea…

I admit it.  I’m a Gleek. At first, I loved Glee because it was quirky. Then, over time, it shifted to being more of a coming-of-age after school special, but with better music! That isn’t an insult to me because I also liked after school specials. And I have always loved Lea Michele.

I was listening to Lea Michele’s new album (CD? What the hell are they calling them these days?) and the words of one of her songs, Battlefield, stuck out to me, partly because they reflect one of my life philosophies. “What seemed like a good idea has turned into a battlefield.” Now, the ‘battlefield’ part isn’t really an aspect of my philosophy, but the idea that we look back at our mistakes and judge them harshly is. See, I think that we make the best decisions we can with the knowledge and experience we have at any given time.  Of course, there are many exceptions for stupidity, and being drunk, and just not caring that we’re making a bad decision. I’m talking about decisions we make with earnestness and serious consideration.

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