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I must admit this stuck in my head. The more important thing is the message about being different, whether you are queer, intersex, or some other identity. Different is good, though the world often doesn’t see it that way. I just saw the movie The Giver which has a similar theme, that of the perils of attempting to embrace perfection and sameness and vilifying diversity. It’s definitely worth seeing and it’s a message much needed in our world.

Portland’s Arena Football AWESOMENESS!

IMG_0052Football and lesbians. What a great combination! I’ve found that the stereotype is either really true, or not true at all.  There doesn’t seem to be much gray area with regard to football. I do know that I can’t get my gay boyfriends to even consider football (or, really, any sport), yet I know there are as many differences between gay people as there are among people in general.  There are football loving and hating straight people, gay people, males, females, etc.  There is also a reason there are stereotypes…if there weren’t some truth to it, there wouldn’t be a stereotype.

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Cheering for an Ax Murderess??

I can’t imagine how it came to this.  I mean, I’m nice and kind-hearted.  I pay my taxes and am perhaps TOO moral at times.  Yet here I am…cheering for an ax murderess.  Surely you have heard of her…Lizzie Borden? You know the (sick and twisted) childhood jump rope rhyme..’.Lizzie Borden took an axe and gave her mother forty whacks. When she saw what she had done, she gave her father forty one.’  Gruesome, unimaginable, right? Yet Portland Center Stage managed to” make” me cheer for her. Four different times so far.

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BREAKING: OREGON Finally Gets Equality

BREAKING: Love wins! Judge rules OR marriage ban unconstitutional! Read more here:

This is the tweet I just got about marriage equality in Oregon and considering all the other states who ruled their marriage ban unconstitutional (like Arkansas and Utah), it is about time !! I went to a rally many years ago and got a T-shirt that says ‘It’s Time’ on the back of it. I’ve been wearing that thing ever since and it’s looking a little threadbare. It has been time for a very long time and that joyous day is here. Time to celebrate!!!


One Step Closer: Oregon Gay Marriage Battle

Here in Oregon, we are finally one step closer to having gay marriage legalized. Today, a judge denied the request by NOM (National Organization for Marriage) to defend Oregon’s amendment defining marriage as between one man and one woman. This is welcome news, especially since states like Arkansas now allow gay marriage. Honestly, as someone who thinks of Portland and Oregon as very progressive and liberal, it has been quite embarrassing that we don’t yet have gay marriage. Here’s to, fingers crossed, hoping that this will change soon.