UPDATE on Boy Scout Vote to maintain gay ban

Yesterday, July 17, 2012, the Boy Scouts of America announced that a “confidential committee” had been studying the existing policy to ban homosexuals from being adult leaders and youngsters from being Scouts.  The press release by BSA gave the impression that the committee had just voted on their study, and that the organization had acted on that recommendation.

Actor, activist, and former Boy Scout George Takei, however, charges the BSA with putting forward misleading information.  Takei says he has spoken with sources close to the leadership of the Scouts, and that the vote was actually taken in 2010, and yesterday’s news release was a rehash of old information.  Takei believes it was released yesterday in an attempt to minimize news coverage of today’s presentation of a petition, signed by over 300,000 people, demanding the BSA remove it’s policy banning gays.

Jennifer Tyrrell, ousted Den Mother and a lesbian, will be presenting the petition to the BSA today at it’s Texas headquarters.  Takei, and others, believe yesterday’s announcement by BSA was an attempt to keep the petition presentation out of the news by rendering it moot.  According to Takei, the presentation will go on as planned, and the action by BSA will only increase attention to the misguided policy, and cause supporters of non-discrimination to redouble their efforts.


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