Washington Blade: La Raza supports marriage equality

The Washington Blade reports today:

Board members of the country’s largest Latino civil rights organization earlier this month unanimously passed a resolution in support of marriage rights for same-sex couples.

Eric Rodriguez, vice president of public policy for the National Council of La Raza, confirmed to the Blade that the vote took place on June 9 during a previously scheduled board meeting. NCLR did not provide a copy of the resolution, but Rodriguez stressed that there was little opposition to it.

After Vice-President Biden’s “gaffe”, commenting that he supports the right to marriage, and President Obama’s remarks a few days later also affirming the idea of marriage equality, we’ve seen the dominoes falling.  The President’s and the Vice-President’s comments have opened the door to other civic leaders to step through, and they are beginning to do just that.

First, it was the NAACP, and now La Raza, voting to support marriage equality.  Both organizations have now given lie to the claims of those who say marriage equality is not a civil right.  This has got to be rattling the cages of those who thought the black and Hispanic communities were solidly anti-marriage-equality.  They should not be surprised, however, as both organizations have worked for equality for their entire existences.

As organizations, both NAACP and La Raza have worked for decades to improve the lives of their constituencies,  and marriage equality falls squarely in the arena of civil rights.  Various courts have ruled marriage as a basic human right guaranteed in our Constitution, and by their actions NAACP and La Raza have made it clear they continue to speak out for justice and equality.

The Washington Blade report here.


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