Target jumps on Pride T-Shirt bandwagon

It seems the Target Corporation doesn’t know what to do with the issue of marriage equality. On the one side, the Minneapolis-based retailer has partnered with the Family Equality Council, donating all the proceeds from their Pride shirts up to $120,000. Now $120,00 is nothing to shake a stick at. However, back in 2010 Target donated $150,000 to the Republican PAC MN Forward, which backed anti-gay canidate Tom Emmer. So all things being equal, the pro-LGBT side of target is still owed $30,000.

Also something to note is the T-shirts are only being sold online, not in the stores.

As the Star-Tribune reports, Target hasn’t taken a stance on Minnesota’s amendment to define marriage as one man and one woman.  “In a statement, the company notes its “long history” of supporting the LGBT community but acknowledges “there is a broad range of strongly held views on the [Minnesota] Marriage Amendment.” The company goes on to encourage employees to exercise their right to vote.

While I think it’s great target has partnered with the Family Equality Council, I still think Target needs to add words to (some) of their actions.

And to steal Joe.My.God.‘s vernacular, I’m sure we’ll see some sort of response from the hage-group One Million Shrews.


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