Young Christian gives powerful sermon on homosexuality and the Bible

Matthew Vines took a break from his studies at Harvard University in 2010 to study the issue of what the Bible really says about homosexuality.  His conclusions should be of interest to all gay Christians, as he explains how the Bible does NOT condemn homosexuality, or same sex relationships.  You might expect him to come from a liberal Christian theological background, but his upbringing is in the Evangelical Church.

In this hour long talk given on March 8, 2012, at the College Hill United Methodist Church, in Witchita, Kansas, Vines provides strong arguments that the traditional bias against homosexuality is a false interpretation of Scripture.  Calm, articulate, organized, and lacking the fire-and-brimstone oratory usually seen when the issue of homosexuality is raised from the pulpit, Vines explains why the traditional anti-gay animus based on the Bible is wrong, and how Christians must understand that same-sex relations can enjoy the same acceptance and  favor in the eyes of their God as heterosexual relationships.

Here’s the transcript of his talk. has more on the talk given by Vines.

17 thoughts on “Young Christian gives powerful sermon on homosexuality and the Bible”

  1. I think Mathew’s presentation and passion for his beliefs is brilliant. Best I’ve ever seen.

    So far, no Christian religion has ever said “homosexuality is not wrong, sinful or deviant.” Maybe his words and his impassioned plea will lead to a breakthrough. Christains should see his video.

    I also find it interesting that a self-proclaimed “atheist” brought this to our attention. The belief that there IS a God or that there ISN’T a god are the same. Both take “leaps of faith.” The real “truth” is – nobody knows. People can believe whatever they want, but that doesn’t make it true. Belief systems are based on “right and wrong” and “faith” (the ability to believe what you cannot prove). For me, “not knowing” is real freedom.

    Love beats “faith” every time. 50% of people under the age of 25 in America no longer have “faith.” I hope they have “love.” That’s the “end game” for LGBT equality.

    I hope Matthew makes progress.


    1. Thanks for the comments. However, I disagree with the “belief there IS a God or that there ISN’T a god are the same”. To believe in some kind of diety does require a leap of faith, but the same thing cannot be said for not believing. You may believe “nobody knows”, but saying that attempts to put mythology on a par with science in explaining the universe, and that’s just not how things work.

      I posted this video because there are many people in the LGBTQ community who consider themselves Christians, or would if they could find a theology that accepts them. I would prefer they simply step away from what I consider superstition, and not get caught up in ancient mythology. Since many will stay with religion, I’m hoping they can see that the predominate interpretation of Scripture does not have to be the only one. They can follow their faith, and perhaps be part of changing it to something more true to the idea of what the Christ figure, and so many others through history, taught.

      I think we’ll be seeing more of Matthew in the years ahead. Maybe he’ll post a wedding video someday!


      1. It’s very simple Jim, Christians have no proof their is a god and atheists have no proof there isn’t. Both take “leaps of faith.” You, also, believe what you cannot prove.

        I agree that Matthew may wake up some Christians – as they say … ‘from his lips to God’s ears.”


      1. To be an theist is to believe somehting you cannot prove. Christians can’t either. In that sense you are equals. Congratulations. But, that doesn’t solve anything.

        I believe we spend way to much energy on being “right” and not being productive or even generous. If we could all simply admit “we do not know,” we might just look to other ways to enrich society. I suggest “love” would be a good place to start.


  2. Jim, thanks for posting this – I’m sure it will help many people who are confused about the Bible & Christian beliefs


    1. Unfortunately Gary, I think this video will add to confusion! Most Bible’s you read (at least in English) clearly portray homosexual practice as outside of Christian policy. Now we have someone saying that Bibles dont mean what they say!
      He appears to be a nice guy, so I hope he finds peace somehow, but at present he’s beyond clutching at straws. For those interested, an analysis of his presentation can be found here:


      1. Well I have to agree, that love is not a sin. From the Bible’s point of view, loving is good, actually it’s great! And from the Bible’s point of view, there is little concern with who you are – rather it’s what you do, as detailed in the link I posted. But this is only relevant to those who try to obey the Bible. For non-Christians, it’s a different matter.


      2. Any English Bible that includes the word “homosexual” is not a valid translation. The idea as well as the word did not exist at the time any part of the Bible was written, and for modern English translations to use it is to impart a meaning not intended by the original writer. Matthew Vines makes a strong case in his video, and only those determined to have the Bible say what THEY want it to say can dismiss his points.
        Other non-religious Biblical scholars have made similar points about the Bible, but this is the first I’ve seen from the perspective of a believer explaining what the writers themselves actually meant, rather than what the popular view was.
        The “analysis” in rebuttal doesn’t stand up to the thoroughness of Matthew’s presentation, it simply repeats the presently used lines to condemn homosexuality.


  3. sorry, i just discovered that those links no longer work- try this –

    discusses OT verses

    Christian gays –

    My Take: Bible condemns a lot, so why focus on homosexuality? –
    Opponents of gay marriage aren’t defending the Bible’s values. They’re using the Bible to defend their own.


  4. First of all, wonderful, wonderful piece! Thanks for posting it. I’m going to pass it on far and wide. For point of reference, I’m also an atheist.

    Second, the “stasisonline” comments are unfortunate. They completely missed the point. They do not provide an analysis but rather an opposing point of view. Don’t follow their link unless you want to be offended.

    Third, Gary Pete’s final link doesn’t point to the proper article. I hope you’ll correct it because I’d like to see where it really should go.

    Thanks for all you do!

    Van in San Diego


  5. Unfortunately, behind the shroud of contrived wisdom, this 21 year old is grossly misinterpreting the scripture and it’s intent. Ex. “Sin of sodom and gomorrah is lack of hospitality” – are you kidding? Read vs. 5-7 in Gen 19 IT IS CLEAR in any translation / interpretation that the sin was their homosexual, deviant behavior which is not consistent with the commands and LOVE of God who created man in His own image – male and female to produce life.
    GOD LOVES HOMOSEXUALS – you don’t have to hide behind a false theology to receive His love, but He will not accept homosexuality anymore than he will accept my sins.


  6. yes, it is about hospitality – you’re ignoring the cultural context of the times – they wanted to humiliate the strangers, but they were under Lot’s protection


  7. As a gay 17 year old, going on 18, I am greatly blessed by this.

    Accepting myself is the greatest achievement I’ve ever made in my life. A purely difficult and painful process before, during and after trying so hard to accept myself, but I have never been happier in my entire life until after I did. No more hiding… no more pain, no more sadness, no more loneliness, and finally realizing that when God died on the cross for everyone, I wasn’t an exception. I finally experienced God’s love for me when I accepted myself, which I couldn’t clearly experience before because I was too busy hating myself and thinking God hated me too. Even if my family and friends reject me, abandon me and don’t love and accept me for who I am, I know that God loves me, and I love me. There are only three people in my life that I need to truly love me for me, and that is God, myself, and my future husband, in that order. That’s all that matters and ever will matter.

    God loves me for me, not for who I pretend or wish I could be. God loves you for you, not for who you pretend or wish you could be. Thank you for your wonderful presentation and passion for what you believe in. I cannot put into words my gratitude, you are truly an inspiration.



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