Mississippi: Gay marriage illegal, so you can’t rent public facility for your commitment ceremony

Photo: ClarionLedger.com

Meet Kevin Garrard and Stephen Walters, of Madison, Mississippi.  Garrad is 24, and Walters 21.  The gay couple wanted to rent the church building at the Mississippi Agriculture and Forestry Museum, located in Jackson, for a commitment ceremony.  At the time of their request, they indicated it would be for a marriage.  Since Mississippi law bans marriage equality, the Museum had already checked with the state’s Attorney General, Jim Hood, in 2009, for a similar request.  In an article in the Clarion Ledger, the newspaper reports the AG told the museum “We are of the opinion that the Department (of Agriculture and Commerce) is certainly authorized to restrict the use of museum property for events and functions that are legal under state law,” Hood wrote. “Therefore, (the department) is authorized to prohibit same gender marriages on museum property.” 

The Clairon Ledger also reports Andy Prosser, Agriculture and Commerce Department spokesperson, referred to the opinion when asked about Garrard and Walters’ request.

“Commitment events, as far as the state goes, are a representation of a union, and state law says that a union can only be between a man and a woman,” Prosser said.

Even though the couple’s ceremony wouldn’t produce a legally recognized marriage, Prosser said it is their intention in holding such a ceremony that would violate the law.

So it’s not just the actual legal contract, or a religious ceremony, that’s at issue here, it’s the nerve of those terrible gays wanting to rent public property to have a ‘gay wedding!’  No law would be broken, since no actual marriage under Mississippi statute would occur.  The mere “intention” of “marriage” is enough to refuse adult citizens of their state the right to rent a public facility.  As Walters said, “I don’t know what the difference is between our scenario and a barbeque”.  Well, Stephen, it’s quite clear.  Mississippi won’t stand for your gay barbeque.  It’s against the law.

6 thoughts on “Mississippi: Gay marriage illegal, so you can’t rent public facility for your commitment ceremony”

  1. i find it amazing the lenghts that people will travel to keep us from getting married to the ones we love. i wish these guys a happy life and good luck and to hell with all the homophobic ass holes that keep us from having commitment ceremonies in the same public facilities that are rented for hetero ceremonies


    1. What a great sentiment Dennis! I wish them the best too. One of the biggest and oldest myths about gays, especially gay men, is that we can’t have sustained, meaningful, healthy relationships. Here are two fines examples of some hot boys trying to do just that and of course…Haters be Hatin!



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