Valve Wants Duke Class Counter Strike Tournament 2 & dragon ball z dokkan battle

The high interest in the Dota 2 International tournament makes Valve consider creating similar events for other games. At least, that was revealed by one of Valve’s top brass, Erik Johnson.

According to Johnson, the company may hold an event for Counter Strike: Global Offensive. “I do not know if it will be called The International (or not), but the people who work for Counter Strike have made a lot of progress in supporting the game’s professional community,” he said.

Valve does not have any information for them to announce at this time. But according to the data they have, the community’s response to The International is ‘something very hard to ignore by any gaming team’ and get  dokkan battle dragon stone hack.
The great success of The International DOTA 2 prompted Valve to organize a similar tournament for CS: GO.

As is known, as many as 10 thousand tickets Dota 2 The International sold out in just one hour. In fact, the fans also managed to make the tournament prize rose to USD 10.7 million. This signifies the eSport event held by Valve is very popular.

Johnson also saw no reason why the same concept could not be applied to Counter Strike. Just to remind, Dota 2 became the most popular game in Steam today and followed by Counter Strike: Global Offensive in second place. Johnson who has worked with the Counter Strike team for 14 years claiming this game has been much larger than before.

What do you think? Will the Counter Strike tournament run as exciting as dragon ball z dokkan battle hack ? Or maybe you have your own favorite game title and hope to make a similar tournament?

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