Two take Newest Register Game Bully in Europe

When most of the open-world game revolves around the theme of super serious dark, where the criminal underworld and gang wars become a major selling point, Rockstar comes with an innovation that turned out to be an incredible ending – Bully in the year 2006. Bringing schools as the main theme, in which juvenile delinquency is visualized in a myriad of fun and addictive missions, Bully offers a much different experience. Success in terms of quality and sales did make it as the foundation of a potentially lucrative franchise. Take Two as publisher seem to understand it. Hope to see the latest series of this game now finally started to slightly open and get Pokemon Go balls generator .

After briefly appearing as rumors in the past few months, a glimmer of light now appeared to all gamers who yearn for the return of Bully. Take-Two Interactive as a franchise owner finally registered trademark of the latest – “Bully Bullworth Academy: Canis Canem Edit” in Europe. The brand was registered on 20 November 2013 that then. Does this indicate the presence of the latest series Bully? Take Two itself has not confirmed anything. However, all indications lead to the conclusion that indeed and reinforced the rumors that Pokemon Go is being developed.

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