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Windy City Judges Hear Indiana & Wisconsin Marriage Equality Cases

Judge Richard Posner

Judge Richard Posner

This last Tuesday, in a Chicago courtroom, the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals would decide whether or not to uphold lower court rulings that, Wisconsin’s voter-approved constitutional amendment, and Indiana’s statutes, are unconstitutional.  Led by Judge Richard Posner, a Republican Appointee,  who has an unapologetic bias toward reality and logic, when posing questions at lawyers for Wisconsin and Indiana attempted to defend their state’s marriage bans, Posner issued a series of bench slaps that unmasked anti-gay arguments as the silly nonsense that they are. There is no doubt that I’m becoming very fond of the 7th Circuit.

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Congratulations Wisconsin! Federal Judge overturns marriage ban!


Madison, WI: This past Friday, U.S. District Judge Barbara Crabb struck down a 2006 ban on same-sex marriages that was put in place with overwhelming approval from voters.

However, the majority shall not hold hostage the rights of the minority, and Judge Crabb ruled the ban violated the rights to equal protection and fair treatment under the law.

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Hell Freezes Over: Paul Ryan Supports Same-Sex Adoption


“Why yes you’re right, I am still a jackass!”

tI looks like Paul Ryan may have caught the “flip flopper” bug since his failed run for the White House with Mitt Romney. Ryan was confronted during a town hall meeting in Wisconsin about his anti-LGBT voting record, where he said after voting against it in the past, he would now support adoption rights for same-sex couples, but he’s still against same-sex marriage.

Uh, What?

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Tammy Baldwin, first openly gay U.S. Senator, gets sworn in


Hopefully the 113th Congress will not be a do-nothing congress, and with a record breaking 20 female Senators, let’s hope they can keep those big boys in Washington in line! One woman who was sworn in today is Tammy Baldwin (D-Wisconsin), who is now the United States’ first openly gay elected Senator.

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Sex is the Most Important Thing in the World!

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Or so some social conservatives and bass-ackwards state legislatures would have you believe.  A May 5th article by Tracy Clark-Flory takes a look at recent abstinence initiatives in Tennessee, Utah, and Wisconsin, the “Right-Wing Sexual Pathos” behind them, and the impact it can have on kids and their right to a halfway useful education.  As opposed to a state-mandated indoctrination.  Or, worse, state-mandated instructions to put their fingers in their ears, close their eyes, and cry “la la la la la” until their wedding day (presumably magically) arrives.

Ms. Clark-Flory addresses the idea that interests me most about a certain brand of singly sex-minded social conservative, and one that is often left out when the mainstream media reports on the topic: the attitude that “seems implicitly to hold that gay sex is so awesome that just hearing about it will make folks want to try it; otherwise, it wouldn’t pose such a threat, now, would it?”  Read the rest of this entry

Rick Santorum on Pink Bowling Balls

REALLY, Rick??  You just make it too easy for us bloggers. Are you honestly so homophobic (and ignorant) that even pink bowling balls are a threat to you?

For those who don’t know, Rick Santorum recently told a young man in Wisconsin that he wasn’t allowed to use a pink bowling ball! I can only guess why he was so adamant about it, but I suspect it was about not wanting the boy to appear gay or effeminate. Or maybe he is so homophobic that he didn’t even want to be around someone who MIGHT be gay. I wonder, though, how he can stand to be in the presence of his supposedly gay friends. 

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Recall Scott Walker effort gathers 1 million signatures

Way to go Wisconsin!  The good guys turned in over a million signatures yesterday to ensure the recall effort of union-busting demagogue Scott Walker will officially get off the ground.  Polls are looking pretty strong and everyone agrees this surging political storm is enough force to blow this Republican overlord right out of office.  It even looks as though Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch will be swept out to sea as well.  Good riddance to the lot of them I say.  Keep your eye on this story as it unfolds on what I’m sure will be a national stage and drama!  Click on the graphic below to jump to

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