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My recovery story

It all started out harmlessly in my early 20’s – I left home & got my first apartment, laid in a supply of booze, a good variety and thought, “I’m a grown-up now, and grown-ups drink”… didn’t see any harm in that

I made a habit of having a couple of beers while I watched the evening news & unwound – discovered that I liked beer, whiskey, wine – you name it, I drank it, and never in moderation.

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New transgender group forming in Visalia

The new Two Spirits Transgender Group is not forming at PFLAG in Kings County.  This new group will meet the third Sunday of every month at 3pm to discuss transgender issues and concerns.  Family members and allies are also welcome.  Click the link below to check out the PDF announcement for more information.


Showing Visalia some love

PFLAG Tulare & Kings Counties is a great south Valley organization that is run by some of the most passionate, committed, ethical leaders I know of.  I’ve always had a great respect for what PFLAG does as a national organization and I’m an even bigger fan of what this particular chapter has accomplished against the back drop of a very conservative climate. You can click the photo below to make the jump to their official chapter website.