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Soon all the stars will be filled in!

Every time a new state obtains marriage equality, the flag get’s another star. Really neat concept from!

the flag of equal marriage

Another Frontier in the Fight for Equality

There’s a fascinating case working it’s way through the Federal courts of California.

The NY Times has the scoop:

“…countless questions about the legal rights of gay men and lesbians remain. Here’s one: May gays be excluded from juries on account of their sexual orientation?”

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Americans divided over Edward Snowden

For the record, I haven’t made up my mind yet…

First U.S. Senator joins the NOH8 campaign!

Sen. Martin Heinrich.noh8
New Mexico Senator Martin Heinrich is officially the first U.S. Senator to join the NOH8 campaign! “I am proud to be the first U.S. Senator to participate in the NOH8 campaign. Gay and lesbian couples who accept the responsibility of marriage should have all the rights that come with that responsibility. The time for marriage equality is now.”

The only other Senator to join the campaign so far is Sen. Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut. Check out his photo after the jump!

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The greatest threat to American Democracy the U.S. has ever faced!

I saw this while browsing the internets, and it was just too good not to share! Pretty much sums up the Republicans arguments.



Infographic from AFER explaining the possible outcomes of Prop 8

It can be confusing trying to understand what a ruling actually means when it’s handed down from any court, the folks at the American Foundation for Equal Rights made this simple to follow flow chart of the possible outcomes in the Prop 8 Supreme Court case. Click to embiggen!

Queer Landia USA?

So as many of you have noticed, I’ve added USA to Queer Landia.  I don’t know if it’ll stick I’ve just always wondered what it would look or feel like as an official part of the tile of our blog.  I don’t know….

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