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PRIDE debuts this Friday

PRIDE movie posterCBS Films is set to release PRIDE this Friday, September 26th, in select theatres in New York and California.  I caught the trailer today and it looks pretty good.  It’s set in the UK under the rule of Margret Thatcher and stars Bill Nighy, Imelda Staunton, Dominic West, and Paddy Considine.  It’s written by Stephen Beresford and directed by Matthew Warchus.  Click the link below to read the film summary, find out what cities the film is playing in, and watch the trailer.  :-)

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Uber sexy UK boy strips down and talks body image

Vlogger Calum McSwiggan bares all talks about his body image issues with the world.  He’s not only nice to look at but he’s actually spot on when it comes to the body issues most people face.  The video is kinda safe for work since most of the pics and images are PG-13.  I want to see the R rated ones too at some point.  :-P

Click the link below to see his video post.

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Same Sex marriage now legal in the UK

First Same-Sex Marriages Take Place From Midnight

Peter McGraith and David Cabreza one of the UK’s first couples to marry at midnight. 

Its a great day in the UK. If you haven’t heard, Saturday the 29th marks the first legalization of gay marriage in the UK. England and Wales is now among 15 countries which allow same sex marriage. While civil partnerships have been legal since 2005 and adoption legal since 2002, marriage brings no new rights. But many locals insisted that only with the tittle of marriage will they be equal.


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Want to get married in Scotland?

If you haven’t heard already, the country that finds it acceptable for men to wear skirts is now the 17th to allow marriage equality! But in all seriousness skirts are comfy and men should be able to wear them anytime.

scottish gay-couple

Scotland passed The Marriage and Civil Partnership Bill. The legislation to allow same sex marriage in Scotland arrived in June. While many churches were still opposed, that didn’t stop the votes. This resulted in a mudslide of 105 to 18. The bill does protect churches however, and does not force them to officiate same-sex weddings. The bill also recognizes same sex marriages registered overseas.

Just one more place to consider when you’re planning your dream wedding.

-Khoa Sinclair

The red ribbon of WAD

Like many of you already know, and has my esteemed colleague Tom already pointed out, World AIDS Day is December 1.  I was browsing the WAD website today, a day that originally started in the UK, and found this awesome media file of the official red ribbon.  Mark your calendar, check out what local events are in your area, and maybe attend an event.  We here at QL salute and honor all those who are affected by this disease.

world aids day red ribbon

Uni. researchers find young footballers supportive of gay teammates

Swindon Town Football Club

In no great surprise, new research from sociologists at the universities of Kent and Winchester have found that young, soon-to-be professional football players (16-18 years-old, and ‘soccer’ players to Americans) are much more likely to openly accept gay players. Out of the 22 individuals interviewed, all said they supported one of their colleagues coming out.

Dr Roberts said: ‘The interview results were broadly consistent with other recent research on young British men of their age in that these men showed no overt animosity towards gay men.

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It’s official! The Queen has given the Royal Assent to same-sex marriage legislation!


Just days ago the same-sex marriage bill passed it’s final reading in the House of Commons, and Queen Elizabeth II wasted no time in giving the legislation the Royal Assent and making into law! Now Same-sex marriage is legal in England and Wales, and the first same-sex marriages are expected to start next summer.

The new law allows for religious and civil ceremonies, however religious organisations will have to “opt-in” to offer weddings. Also we won’t be seeing any weddings performed by the Church of England, who are banned in the new law from doing so.

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