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Archie Comics punches back

Sometimes even a business has to push back against hate and bigotry.  Go Archie!  This is just a quick follow-up post to Nate’s original blog yesterday.

Archie Comics has fired back at the American Family Association after its affiliate “One Million Moms” called out retailer Toys R Us for selling an Archie comic book that features a “just married” same-sex marriage.

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One Million Moms on the warpath over Archie Comics in Toys ‘R’ Us checkout counter

One Million Moms hopped on the crazy train again, but this time they’re not yelling about Ellen DeGeneres corrupting the American Lifestyle. Now they’re all up in arms because Toys ‘R” Us is selling the new Archie comic featuring two gay characters getting married at the checkout counter.

Here’s part of the statement from their website:

“These comic books are sold at the front checkout counters so they are highly visible to employees, managers, customers and children.

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