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California Governor Jerry Brown signs legislation banning “conversion” treatment

California Governor Jerry Brown has signed legislation that will ban “reparative” therapy on anyone under the age of 18.  The bill, SB 1172, now law, will prohibit such treatment, and any practitioner who does engage in such procedures will be subject to discipline by his or her licensing board.

“Ex-gay” treatment has been declared ineffective and possibly dangerous by the related medical associations responsible for mental health standards, and gay rights organizations have been lobbying for this bill since it was introduced by Senator Ted Lieu -D Torrance (Los Angeles County).

“This bill bans non-scientific ‘therapies’ that have driven young people to depression and suicide. These practices have no basis in science or medicine and they will now be relegated to the dustbin of quackery,” Brown said in a statement to The San Francisco Chronicle.

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Broward County Becomes First Major School Board to Pass Resolution in Support of LGBT History Month

 The School Board of Broward County, Florida unanimously passed a resolution today declaring its support of LGBT History Month, October 2012. In doing do, the school district becomes the first in the nation to issue an official resolution supporting LGBT History Month. The Broward County School District is the sixth largest school district in the nation and includes Fort Lauderdale.

The resolution states:

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Family Acceptance Project speaker to visit rural California

Tulare County is located in the vast Central Valley of California, is the nation’s #1 dairy producer, and ranks consistently #2 or #3 in overall agricultural production in the United States.  Visalia, the county seat, was also the home of EricJames Borges, a 19 year old gay man whose suicide garnered attention worldwide in January, 2012.

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[UPDATED] Bully documentary gets ‘R’ rating, film can’t be used as educational material

From the Weinstein Company

Bully is a documentary that stresses how devastating bullying can often be. Produced by the Weinstein Company, Bully features interviews of families who’s child have  committed  suicide, and other kids who are no stranger to bullying. Apparently the MPAA in all it’s wisdom say fit to give the film a ‘R’ rating because of strong language. That rating prevents the film from being seen from who would benefit it the most. A documentary for about kids, for kids, can’t be shown to- you guessed it- kids. Teacher’s can’t use it as a tool to show bullies how harmful their actions can really be, and kids who are being bullied and thinking about committing suicide may not see how much their decision will affect their whole family.

If after watching the trailer you’re angry, frustrated, and confused as to why Bully would get an ‘R’ rating when so many other movies with grotesque amounts of blood, guts, violence, and foul language are rated ‘PG-13′, you are not alone.

Trailer and statement from Weinstein after the jump.

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We lose another to gay bullying

Photo: Wenatchee World

Another gay teen has taken his own life after enduring years of bullying.  Rafael Morelos, 14, hanged himself January 29, 2012, in Cashmere, Washington.

His middle school principle, Rob Cline, told the Wenatchee World that there was no ongoing investigation about bullying at the school.  He said that Rafael had, earlier in the school year, reported one incidence of being bullied but “we took care of that. We investigated and took appropriate action.”

The Wenatchee World also reports that the Chelan County Sheriff’s Office is the investigating agency, and determined that it was a suicide and there was no foul play involved.

“You’re the first one who ever indicated to me that he had been bullied,” said Sheriff Brian Burnett in a phone interview Saturday.

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Jennifer’s Eulogy to EricJames

At his chosen family memorial, Jennifer McGuire, the “Mama Badger” who took Eric into her home after he was kicked out of his parent’s, gave this moving eulogy.  The crowd was in tears as it rose to its feet in applause at the end.

“As he wrote in his note to me, “Oh God, where do I begin?” I know there are people who knew him longer and there are people who may have known him better, but over the last year, and especially the last three months we lived together, EricJames was My Boy, and my heart is broken.
And I will never get over this, but We will get through it.
As much as I would love everything I say today to be cutesy antidotes and sappy remembrances, and there will be those, don’t worry, but there are also some things I need to make sure are said, said out loud, said for him, for all of us.
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