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Swedish retailer auctions off PS4 Gaystation!


Well this is just cool! In honor of the Stockholm Pride Festival, Swedish electronics retailer Webhallen is auctioning off a rainbow-striped, 500gb ‘Gaystation 4′! The whole package comes with the game console, a DUALSCHOCK 4 controller,a cord for the controller, a headset, HDMI cable, and four games. As of now the auction has  reached 19000 kr, or about $2757 USD, and all proceeds will go to the Swedish LGBTQ organization the RSFL Newcomers.

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Crossing to Russian embassy gets the rainbow treatment!


Protesters painted the crossing right outside of the Russian embassy in Stockholm, Sweden. What a great way to protest!

Photo from Street Art Utopia

Periodic Political Post


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Swedish language evolving with “Hen”

ImageChallenging long-standing gender norms, an alternative to male and female pronouns is gaining ground in the Swedish language. The Swedish National Encyclopedia has added the term “Hen,” a non-gendered substitute for the male “han” and female “hon” (he and she in English). Continue reading Swedish language evolving with “Hen”

Swedish Mobile Carrier features pro-gay ad!


With all of the support that’s coming from the sports world right now, I love this new ad from the Swedish mobile carrier Halebop. It features a gay hockey player in the locker room with his teammates.  The ad and the english translation are after the jump!

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