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Swedish language evolving with “Hen”

ImageChallenging long-standing gender norms, an alternative to male and female pronouns is gaining ground in the Swedish language. The Swedish National Encyclopedia has added the term “Hen,” a non-gendered substitute for the male “han” and female “hon” (he and she in English). Continue reading

Swedish Mobile Carrier features pro-gay ad!

With all of the support that’s coming from the sports world right now, I love this new ad from the Swedish mobile carrier Halebop. It features a gay hockey player in the locker room with his teammates.  The ad and the english translation are after the jump!

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Pro Soccer Player Comes Out & Announces Retirement

Pro soccer player Robbie Rogers came out of the closet, and then immediately announced he was leaving the game.

Mexico v United States

Rogers played in his first pro soccer game with the Columbus Crew of the MLS in 2007, then played for the Leeds United in 2011, and most recently for League One’s Stevenage, on load from the Chicago Fire. Rogers also played for the US in the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Rogers says he “could’t be happier” after coming out and stepping away from the sport, and posted “Just getting some sh*t off my chest,” on his twitter followed by a link to his website where he shared his story:

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In Sweden, you still have to get sterilised to go from ‘Female’ to ‘Male’.

   Since the 1970s it has been Swedish law that if you’re trans and trying to change that little letter on your drivers license from ‘F’ to ‘M’, you must first undergo sterilisation. This has been a hot-button issue in Sweden for some time, and whilst most of Swedish parliament is in favor of getting rid of the out-dated law, Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeld has let a small band of conservatives hinder the much wanted reform.

Feminist writer and sexual rights campaigner Jane Fae responded saying: Continue reading