Methodist Pastor, Rev. Frank Schaefer, was given his ordination credentials back today after being stripped of them 6 months ago for performing a wedding for his gay son.  After serving a 30 day suspension for performing the ceremony and then refusing to denounce the practice of marrying same-sex couples he was bounced from the denomination and stripped of his ministry rights in the church.  That was remedied and made right today.

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National gay orgs increase revenue

This week MAP released the 2013 National LGBT Movement Reportwhich provides a comprehensive snapshot of the financial health of leading lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) social justice advocacy organizations.

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Groundbreaking report on gay workers of color

MAP’s new report, A Broken Bargain for LGBT Workers of Coloroffers a groundbreaking analysis of the issues faced by LGBT workers of color in the United States. The report examines how LGBT workers of color face unique challenges related to their race and ethnicity and their sexual orientation and/or gender identity. In particular, LGBT workers of color are hindered by three major barriers: educational barriers; hiring bias and on-the-job discrimination; and unequal pay, benefits, and taxation. As a result, LGBT people of color are some of the most disadvantaged workers in the United States-and face extraordinarily high rates of unemployment and poverty.

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Delaware Pride bowling night this Saturday!

Delaware Pride Presents ~ DE Pride Bowling
This event is open to all Ages & Sexual Orientations!!

7pm – 9pm (must be on-time as 2 hours of bowling starts at 7pm SHARP)

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Baltimore Pride 2013

baltimore pride 13

Well, its June, and as you can tell, we’ve been on quite the pride tear around here at QL.  Rightfully so.  June is National Pride Month and with the President Obama endorsing our movement how can we not be proud?

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El Paso Pride is underway

el paso pride 2013

El Paso, Texas (also known as Sun City apparently) kicked off their week-long Pride celebration last Sunday.  They’ve already had an art and fashion show, a movie night (last night) and they’re picking up steam for a host of great events all week running into the parade and festival this weekend.  Click the graphic to embiggen their web flyer and click the link below to find out more about all the cools stuff they have still have planned.

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