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AZ Gov. may give in to economic pressure and veto hate bill

nfl.logoArizona, in all of their backward glory, decided it would be a good idea to try to pass a bill that would allow businesses to deny service to gay people based on their religious beliefs. Of course they were wrong, and they have even put their hosting of the 2015 Super Bowl in jeopardy. The NFL has made no promises that they would pull out if the hate bill passes, but their response is still encouraging.

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Chris Kluwe on CNN, “I made sure that I had witnesses”


Yesterday Chris Kluwe spoke with Anderson Cooper on CNN and Chris Hayes of MSNBC discussing the allegations he made that he was fired for being pro-LGBT.  know he doesn’t look the most professional with the beanie on, however it’s apart of the Principle 6 Campaign, and yesterday it was -12 degrees Fahrenheit (-24 Celisus) in Minnesota.  I think we can let that slide.

Watch the video of Kluwe on CNN after the jump.

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A day of roses

rosey weddingYesterday was the 100th anniversary of the “granddaddy of them all” Rose Bowl.  It was also the 125 anniversary of the famed Rose Parade.  I’ve been following the Stanford Cardinals this year because they are a Bay Area team and their football program has really stepped up to national prominence over the last 5 years.  The Rose Parade caught my attention because yesterday marked the first gay wedding!

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Liberal lion Olbermann hitting reset at ESPN

Sometimes I think I am a bad gay sports fan.  Lol.  I try not to feel too bad because I’m really busy these days and it’s hard to keep sports on my radar like I used to.  As many of you know, liberal giant Keith Olbermann was bounced (again) from MSNBC a while back, no wait, that was Current, no wait, anyway.  I realized Oblermann had returned to ESPN a few weeks ago when I got an NFL preview show he was doing and I just got done watching his holiday special.  Apparently he as a regular late night show that broadcasts every weekday at 11pm E.T.  I hope this a good, healthy move for him…

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