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Michael Sam update

michael sam first nfl sack

The first openly gay player in the NFL, drafted by the St. Louis Rams this summer, got his first sack of the season.  It came in the second half over the weekend in the preseason contest against the Green Bay Packers.  Way to go Michael Sam!

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He’s baaaaacckkk!

phleps comeback 8-6-14

Swimming god Michael Phelps is making a comeback.  Apparently, he started competing competitively again back in April.  Today, he made the cut (top 3) to go on to the 100m freestyle championship on Saturday.

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World Cup Final hotties

christopher kramer germany fifa

So I’ve never been a big soccer fan.  I know I’ll piss some people off by not calling it football but oh well.  We have football in this country and it’s just different.  There is no doubt that “futbol” has a global audience and I think we saw the sport catch on more in America this year than ever before.  I watched a full USA game this year and I’m watching the FIFA Final today.  It’s half-time and I’ve decided who I’m rooting for.

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NBA Finals 2014 hottie award

erik-spoelstra-hottie-nba-finals-2014Well the NBA Finals are finally here.  Game1 was last night and the San Antonio Spurs held home court advantage by defeating the Miami Heat.  This is shaping up to be a classic series with the talent, the rematch angle, and the seeming tension that is growing between these two dynasty-worthy franchises.  Click the link below to read more about who I want and think will win and my NBA Finals hottie of this last series of the year.

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The Impossible Shot

I will admit I’m not usually much of a basketball fan. I haven’t been watching the Blazers all my life or all season and I am jumping on the bandwagon now that they are in the playoffs. But for some reason I have been intrigued by the Portland Trailblazers and have actually watched a game or two for the first time since I was a kid. Maybe it’s the excitement of having mass hysteria over our local team that’s doing great. Maybe it’s something to share with my partner, who enjoys basketball much more than my favorite, football. I drag her to football games including those of our arena football team, Portland Thunder. But regardless of the cause, I have really been getting into watching the Blazers.


Australian sporting codes to commit to wiping out homophobia

All major Australian sporting codes to commit to wiping out homophobia in world rugby competition…

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AZ Gov. may give in to economic pressure and veto hate bill

nfl.logoArizona, in all of their backward glory, decided it would be a good idea to try to pass a bill that would allow businesses to deny service to gay people based on their religious beliefs. Of course they were wrong, and they have even put their hosting of the 2015 Super Bowl in jeopardy. The NFL has made no promises that they would pull out if the hate bill passes, but their response is still encouraging.

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