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PA today- A Senator comes out, and a Rep. chastises the legislature’s inaction on LGBT protections


People were fired up in Pennsylvania today!  Several lawmakers met at the state’s capital for a press conference pushing for hate crimes legislation to pass before November’s election comes around. The hate crimes legislation was introduced in response to the vicious attack on a gay couple last week.

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Tea Party removes head from ass, the government shutdown has ended

Well, the Tea Party has at least *temporarily* removed head from ass, we’ll see about what the future holds. This time around, the government will be funded until February 2014, let’s hope the Tea Party has learned something from their mistakes. This morning President Obama spoke out about the reopening of the government, and the “completely unnecessary damage” the shutdown has done to the economy.

Full video of the Let Freedom Ring Commemoration at the Lincoln Memorial

So here’s the full video of the commemoration, there’s 5 hours of speeches and performances. Here are a few of the most note-worthy moments.

John Lewis, the last surviving member of the group of courageous men who spoke on that podium fifty years ago, starts his speech shortly after 3:30:51. Then the ringing of the bell at 4:20:50, and finally President Obama’s speech at 4:25:20. If you watch any of the video, watch those parts at least!

Livestream: Watch the commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington!

Watch live coverage of the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington!

MLK.march on washington

Right now John Lewis is speaking.

Edit: Congressmen Lewis just finished, President Carter is speaking now.

Belated happy Father’s Day everyone!

Yesterday was Father’s day. It can be an emotional day for many who are apart of the Queer community. Many no longer have a relationship with their fathers, and sometimes that’s just how life goes. Not every father deserves the respect or love of his children. I hope those who still talk to their fathers and grandfathers thanked them yesterday, and I hope everyone else still had a fun day nonetheless. :-)