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PA today- A Senator comes out, and a Rep. chastises the legislature’s inaction on LGBT protections


People were fired up in Pennsylvania today!  Several lawmakers met at the state’s capital for a press conference pushing for hate crimes legislation to pass before November’s election comes around. The hate crimes legislation was introduced in response to the vicious attack on a gay couple last week.

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Tea Party removes head from ass, the government shutdown has ended

Well, the Tea Party has at least *temporarily* removed head from ass, we’ll see about what the future holds. This time around, the government will be funded until February 2014, let’s hope the Tea Party has learned something from their mistakes. This morning President Obama spoke out about the reopening of the government, and the “completely unnecessary damage” the shutdown has done to the economy.

Full video of the Let Freedom Ring Commemoration at the Lincoln Memorial


So here’s the full video of the commemoration, there’s 5 hours of speeches and performances. Here are a few of the most note-worthy moments.

John Lewis, the last surviving member of the group of courageous men who spoke on that podium fifty years ago, starts his speech shortly after 3:30:51. Then the ringing of the bell at 4:20:50, and finally President Obama’s speech at 4:25:20. If you watch any of the video, watch those parts at least!

Belated happy Father’s Day everyone!

Yesterday was Father’s day. It can be an emotional day for many who are apart of the Queer community. Many no longer have a relationship with their fathers, and sometimes that’s just how life goes. Not every father deserves the respect or love of his children. I hope those who still talk to their fathers and grandfathers thanked them yesterday, and I hope everyone else still had a fun day nonetheless. :-)


Video: LGBT Pride Month Reception at the White House

First there’s a super cute introduction by some twin daughters of a lesbian couple. Then President Obama talks about the accomplishments in equality the administration has passed so far, including protections for LGBT victims in the Violence Against Women Act, hospitals accepting Medicare/Medicaid must treat LGBT patients the same, and ends by urging Congress to pass the Employment Non-Discrimination Act.

“If all men are created equal then surely the love we commit to one another must be equal as well.”


Fantastic speech, New Zealand passes marriage equality, then breaks into song!

Green Party co-leader Metiria Turei, via Getty Images

New Zealand passed marriage equality with a 77-44 vote in its third and final reading. Two things happened around the time of the vote that should get special attention: First, before the vote New Zealand MP Maurice Williamson gave an outstanding speech that deserves extra special attention; and second, right after the vote passed the parliament and the observing crowd broke out in song, singing “Pokarekare Ana,” a New Zealand love song in the indigenous Maori language.

Both videos are after the jump.

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Bill Clinton – It’s time to overturn DOMA

Hands down, Bill Clinton has got to be my favorite president of the last century. bill-clintonFrom giving the states a surplus budget, to his philanthropic work after his presidency, and to his speech at last year’s DNC, he really helps me believe in the system. In case you didn’t catch it, last week Bill Clinton wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post titled It’s time to overturn DOMA. In the article Clinton declares DOMA as unconstitutional and discriminatory, and urges the Supreme Court to overturn this filthy excuse for discrimination (my words).

Like much of what Bill Clinton says, the article is brilliantly thought out and well written. I highly suggest clicking through to read it.

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Ecuadorian President Apologizes to Gay Community in Re-election Speech

presidentcTrue to his word, Rafael Correa, Ecuador’s newly re-elected President, apologized to the LGBT community for using homophobic language a second time during his victory speech.

It all started last year, July 28th, when Correa read a reader’s comment on El Commercio’s Facebook page repeatedly calling the president a fag: “The fag thought that faggotry was part of the Olympic games and thought he could bring a gold medal in homosexuality – which is his strength… Degenerate fag.” (As you can tell, this reader was quite articulate.)

Correa later responded to the comment in kind: “If anyone knows this gentleman let me know. And I’ll invite him and only him to tell me these vicious things face to face. To see who’s the real fag.”

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