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World Cup Final hotties

christopher kramer germany fifa

So I’ve never been a big soccer fan.  I know I’ll piss some people off by not calling it football but oh well.  We have football in this country and it’s just different.  There is no doubt that “futbol” has a global audience and I think we saw the sport catch on more in America this year than ever before.  I watched a full USA game this year and I’m watching the FIFA Final today.  It’s half-time and I’ve decided who I’m rooting for.

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Australian sporting codes to commit to wiping out homophobia

All major Australian sporting codes to commit to wiping out homophobia in world rugby competition…

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Awesome anti-homophobia banner seen at AFC Wimbledon game!

Gotta love that banner! AFC Wimbledon, helping combat homophobia in football (soccer)! And, as noted by John Green (also backed by PinkNews), they were the first football club in Britain to join the Football Fans Against Homophobia campaign!


“AFC Wimbledon is an inclusive club where everyone is welcome, regardless of their background. Discrimination of any kind has no place on the terraces, on the pitch or in the dressing room. We are therefore lending our support to the campaign, and Saturday’s home match against Accrington Stanley is dedicated to the fight against homophobia. The club’s management and players urge supporters to help create a positive and inclusive atmosphere at The Cherry Red Records Stadium.” – AFC Winbledon

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Uni. researchers find young footballers supportive of gay teammates

Swindon Town Football Club

In no great surprise, new research from sociologists at the universities of Kent and Winchester have found that young, soon-to-be professional football players (16-18 years-old, and ‘soccer’ players to Americans) are much more likely to openly accept gay players. Out of the 22 individuals interviewed, all said they supported one of their colleagues coming out.

Dr Roberts said: ‘The interview results were broadly consistent with other recent research on young British men of their age in that these men showed no overt animosity towards gay men.

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Portland Timbers Fans Speak Out Against Homophobia

Repost from USA Today

Portland fans support Timbers, end to homophobia

Sports can be about more than just sports.

By  – May 13, 2013 at 1:15pm EDT

"Pride, Not Prejudice" sign at the Timbers game. (Steve Dykes, USA TODAY Sports)

“Pride, Not Prejudice” sign at the Timbers game. (Steve Dykes, USA TODAY Sports)

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German football fans protest homophobia!


In a match between football (soccer for us Americans) clubs St Pauli and Paderborn, supporters and fans of St Pauli held up rainbow signs with the words “Alerta Network”  in protest against homophobia. The Alerta Network, is a self-described “antifascist movement” and organized the protest.

Check out the video after the jump!

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Robbie Rogers Interview: Coming Out and Leaving Soccer

Mexico v United StatesLast February, Robbie Rogers wrote a letter coming out of the closet and announcing his retirement. Since then, the public hasn’t heard too much from him but today the silence was broken in a lengthy interview with The Guardian. He spoke about what it was like being a closeted footballer, and why he decided to come out and leave the sport he loves so dearly.

Rogers describes the “impossibility” of being out and playing soccer and what it was like in the locker room:

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