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Castro Starbucks


You know sometimes you just have to stop and appreciate some shit.  Lol.  I was officing in the Starbucks in the Catro in San Francisco a few months ago and I snapped this shot.  What a great way to say “hello” in a big gay way right when you walk in to get some coffee.  I had to stop and take a picture and I thought I’d share it with our readers as I reacquaint myself with the online portal of WordPress.com.

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Friday failure

friday fail cafe muse

I’m spending some time in and around Golden Gate Park in San Francisco today because the de Young Museum is free of admission on Friday nights between the hours of 5pm and 9:45pm.  I’ve never been so I’m super excited to go and I decided to office in the area.  First order of business, of course, is to find a Starbucks or a coffee shop where I can park and WiFi and post my blogs.

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Saturday night in the City

Random. Fun. Drunk. Enough said.  (NOTE:  This blog has been updated!)

A friend of ours has a pool table in his house in San Francisco and it’s really a lot of fun.  Nate and I have visited him and spent a Friday night just having drinks and fellowshipping a friendly game of pool.  We’ve enjoyed group gatherings around pool table as well and it’s just a great time.  I’ve decided this is a must-have for me when I buy house and, hopefully, have the space to enjoy a standard regulation table.  They’re not cheap but I think it’d be a great investment in future fun and dinner party hosting.  After all, sticks and balls are in our DNA, right?  Lol.

Watch the first episode of Looking on YouTube!


I had no idea HBO did this, but it’s great marketing! I I watched it last night, and  I’m intrigued as to where it will go. Looking is only a half-hour long show, so make the time to watch the first episode.

Embedding is disabled, so follow this link or click the image to watch in on HBO’s  YouTube channel.

Dolores Park!


Such a fun place! So chill.