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Sex is the Most Important Thing in the World!

Photo from housingworks.org

Or so some social conservatives and bass-ackwards state legislatures would have you believe.  A May 5th Salon.com article by Tracy Clark-Flory takes a look at recent abstinence initiatives in Tennessee, Utah, and Wisconsin, the “Right-Wing Sexual Pathos” behind them, and the impact it can have on kids and their right to a halfway useful education.  As opposed to a state-mandated indoctrination.  Or, worse, state-mandated instructions to put their fingers in their ears, close their eyes, and cry “la la la la la” until their wedding day (presumably magically) arrives.

Ms. Clark-Flory addresses the idea that interests me most about a certain brand of singly sex-minded social conservative, and one that is often left out when the mainstream media reports on the topic: the attitude that “seems implicitly to hold that gay sex is so awesome that just hearing about it will make folks want to try it; otherwise, it wouldn’t pose such a threat, now, would it?”  Continue reading