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SEATTLE- Fuck yeah bingo at The Highline? fuck yeah!

The Highline on Broadway in Capitol Hill hosts a weekly monday bingo night entitled, can you guess, ‘Fuck Yeah Bingo!’


Start with a couple drinks, maybe some awesome vegan food. Then, before you even realized it, you’re roughly 90 years old and getting serious about your cards.


This is for sure an instant Monday night tradition.
If you’re in town with nothing to do on a Monday night, see you at The Highline!

Kicked Out Boy Scout Troop Finds New Home

Kicked Out Boy Scout Troop Finds New Home

FROM BSA TO BPSA: Kicked Out Boy Scout Troop Finds New Home in Baden-Powell Service Association

June 26 – Seattle – For those who believe the biggest hurdles of the LGBTQ community are centered in
marriage equality, I present Scoutmaster Geoffrey McGrath. He’s had an action-packed couple of months
leading Seattle’s 98th Rainier troop of the Baden-Powell Service Association. The 98th Rainier used to be Troop
98 and Pack 98 of the Boy Scouts of America until McGrath (who is openly gay and an Eagle Scout, himself)
contributed to a news item profiling troops in the BSA.

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Seattle PrideFest this weekend!


Welcome to Seattle PrideFest! The country’s largest free pride festival!

There are tons of great Pride events all weekend long, starting with “Turn Back Time” this Thursday, June 26th at The W. All weekend long there will be food trucks, a beer garden, awesome bands and DJs, and even a Family Day. You won’t want to miss out on any of it, so click here to check out the schedule and details of all of the events!

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