1964: The Year San Francisco Came Out

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Exhibition marks 50 years since infamous LIFE article

Fifty years ago, an infamous LIFE magazine article catapulted San Francisco into national consciousness as the “gay capital” of America. Titled “Homosexuality In America,” the article represented tensions between the larger culture’s notions of queerness and what was emerging into open view in San Francisco.

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know this guy ?

know this guy ?

I dressed like that for about ten years, roughly 72 – 82; wore it everywhere I went – just loved that style – then my drinking got out of control and I lost my job & my home – had to stay with an uncle until I got my sh*t together – moved a couple of times & now I’m retired, but I don’t live in the San Francisco Bay Area anymore -

Pride is a beautiful thing

It’s Pride weekend in San Francisco and the City will be alive with visitors, parties, and celebration.  Pride is a beautiful thing.  It’s empowering.  It’s energizing.  It’s eclectic.  We have so much to be proud about.

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Decision day anniversary

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Today, June 26, is the first anniversary of Decision Day here in California.  It’s that day that U.S. Supreme Court struck down Prop 8 as unconstitutional and paved the way for legalizing gay marriage in the Golden State.

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Folsom Forever screens this weekend!

Folsom Forever movie poster

Hey all you Folsom lovers!  Don’t forget that Folsom Forever screens at Frameline this weekend on Sunday, June 22nd.  Folsom Forever a documentary telling the story of how a kinky, rebellious street festival captured the heart of San Francsico!  Folsom Forever is directed by Mike Skiff of Third Rail Media and has received some great accolades around the world so far.

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The official Harvey Milk Stamp has been revealed!


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This is some exciting news that Queer Landia has been following for quite some time.  The Harvey Milk Stamp has been a long time coming (2009), and thanks to Linn Stamp News, the official look of the stamp has been released!


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