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Marriage Pie Chart!


I don’t know about you, I love charts and maps. A little while back I posted a marriage map showing the different stages of legality of same-sex marriage in each individual state.  That was only back in May, and it’s already out-of-date! Woo hoo! Today  we have a pie chart from the Chicago Sun-Times detailing how much of the population lives in a place where they can be married!

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Federal Judge in Indiana rules same-sex marriage ban unconstitutional!

Photo via Michelle Pemberton / The Star

And the weddings have started in Indiana! 

Earlier this morning U.S. District Judge Richard Young ruled the ban on same-sex marriage in Indiana is unconstitutional, and he did not issue a stay on his ruling allowing for same-sex couples to be married instantly. The state’s Assistant General said who was defending the ban said he will seek a stay on the ruling pending appeal.

Marion County Clerk Beth White said she is prepared to begin issuing marriage licenses, and in fact did so for the first couple to be married, Craig Bowen and Jake Miller!

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Stall tactics halt Arkansas clerks from issuing marriage licenses

arkansas.sealIn a weird development in Arkansas, it is legal for same-sex couples to get married, but because of an old law on the books it is not legal for the county clerks to give out the marriage licenses.

Around 10:30 am yesterday morning, the Eureka Springs Independent received a press release from Tony Rogers, the Carroll County Prosecuting Attorney saying:

“This office was notified this morning by Mike Rainwater that there was a law left on the books prohibiting a county clerk from issuing a marriage license to persons of the same gender. This law was not addressed by Judge Piazza, and because of this, we advised the county clerk to stop selling marriage licenses to person of the same gender.” [Bolding is mine]

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Mirror Boys : A Love Poem by Bryan Borland

Photo credit : Felix Deon at DeviantArt
Photo credit : Felix Deon at DeviantArt

Aside from the fact that it’s a bright sunny day, it’s still pretty chilly, about 35°F outside, which in turn allowed me to browse the internet this morning and find something to share with you, our readers.  That being said, I am somewhat selective in regards to poetry, I often find that I have to be open-minded and willing to absorb  the message coming from the poet.  This morning was just right, and especially so, since Bryan wrote a poem in honor of his husband, and anticipates their future son.

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Gay sex now criminalized in India again

And in a huge step backwards, India’s Supreme Court has re-criminalized gay sex. This is almost too crazy to believe, but it’s true. more details from Reuters:

In 2009 the Delhi High Court ruled unconstitutional a section of the penal code dating back to 1860 that prohibits “carnal intercourse against the order of nature with any man, woman or animal” and lifted the ban for consenting adults.

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