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Chris Kluwe | Super Advocate!

Chris KluweI always get enthused, any time Chris Kluwe has something to say. He’s one of the most awesome advocates of LGBT and Marriage Equality rights, and especially since he’s straight. I ran across his first essay today over at Salon. Part of it reads like this:

If any NFL players happen to read this, I guarantee you’ve played with or against a gay player at some point during your career — that’s simple statistics. Guess what? It didn’t make him any less of a player. It didn’t make him any less able to push through conditioning drills, less able to stay awake during meetings, less able to rally for the win when down by 10 with four minutes to go in the game. That gay player, whether you knew it or not — he was a teammate. He was your teammate. He was my teammate. Just like the coaches go on and on about every preseason: Once you step between those white lines, it doesn’t matter who you are, where you came from, what you believe or when you were born. There’s only one thing that matters, and that’s “Can you play?” ” 

You can read the entire piece here.  There’s no doubt, that the LGBT Community, and many straight supporters, as well, are grateful for his support.   The only problem, that I do have, is we can’t clone him!

h/t Back2Stonewall                                                                                                              

Sex is the Most Important Thing in the World!

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Or so some social conservatives and bass-ackwards state legislatures would have you believe.  A May 5th Salon.com article by Tracy Clark-Flory takes a look at recent abstinence initiatives in Tennessee, Utah, and Wisconsin, the “Right-Wing Sexual Pathos” behind them, and the impact it can have on kids and their right to a halfway useful education.  As opposed to a state-mandated indoctrination.  Or, worse, state-mandated instructions to put their fingers in their ears, close their eyes, and cry “la la la la la” until their wedding day (presumably magically) arrives.

Ms. Clark-Flory addresses the idea that interests me most about a certain brand of singly sex-minded social conservative, and one that is often left out when the mainstream media reports on the topic: the attitude that “seems implicitly to hold that gay sex is so awesome that just hearing about it will make folks want to try it; otherwise, it wouldn’t pose such a threat, now, would it?”  Continue reading Sex is the Most Important Thing in the World!