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Major League Baseball umpire Dale Scott says he is gay.

MLB Umpire Dale Scott
MLB Umpire Dale Scott

The 55 year old Scott,  now adds to a list of major sports figures, who have decided to come out recently, following the likes of:

35 year old basketball center Jason Collins in April 2013

Football defenseend Michael Sam in February this year.

Soccer midfielder Robbie Rogers in February 2013

Junior guard Derrick Gordon in April this year

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Premier League not happy with Rainbow Laces from Stonewall

Robbie Rogers, via his instagram

Last week with the help of Paddy Power, LGBT rights group Stonewall sent rainbow laces to all 92 Premier League clubs, Football League clubs, and the professional clubs in Scotland. Several Premier League clubs including Manchester United, Tottenham and Norwich, aren’t too happy with how Stonewall and Paddy Power rolled out the initiative and have refused to participate.  Continue reading

Uni. researchers find young footballers supportive of gay teammates

Swindon Town Football Club

In no great surprise, new research from sociologists at the universities of Kent and Winchester have found that young, soon-to-be professional football players (16-18 years-old, and ‘soccer’ players to Americans) are much more likely to openly accept gay players. Out of the 22 individuals interviewed, all said they supported one of their colleagues coming out.

Dr Roberts said: ‘The interview results were broadly consistent with other recent research on young British men of their age in that these men showed no overt animosity towards gay men.

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Robbie Rogers | Set to Join Los Angeles Galaxy

Robbie RogersAnother chapter in the life of Robbie Rogers is soon to take a turn. This is a follow-up to the stories that Nathan Simpson posted back in March here.

Robbie Rogers is expected to join the Los Angeles Galaxy and become the first openly gay player on a major men’s professional team in North America. Continue reading

Robbie Rogers Interview: Coming Out and Leaving Soccer

Mexico v United StatesLast February, Robbie Rogers wrote a letter coming out of the closet and announcing his retirement. Since then, the public hasn’t heard too much from him but today the silence was broken in a lengthy interview with The Guardian. He spoke about what it was like being a closeted footballer, and why he decided to come out and leave the sport he loves so dearly.

Rogers describes the “impossibility” of being out and playing soccer and what it was like in the locker room:

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Pro Soccer Player Comes Out & Announces Retirement

Pro soccer player Robbie Rogers came out of the closet, and then immediately announced he was leaving the game.

Mexico v United States

Rogers played in his first pro soccer game with the Columbus Crew of the MLS in 2007, then played for the Leeds United in 2011, and most recently for League One’s Stevenage, on load from the Chicago Fire. Rogers also played for the US in the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Rogers says he “could’t be happier” after coming out and stepping away from the sport, and posted “Just getting some sh*t off my chest,” on his twitter followed by a link to his website where he shared his story:

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