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Bijou Resturant & Bar, keeping class in the East Bay


When you’re tired of the riff raff of Applebee’s and other assorted diners and you just want a classy place to enjoy a meal, you can’t do better than Bijou Restaurant & Bar in the East Bay. With great drinks and great bartenders, it’s a fantastic place to take someone for a date night or even hang out at the bar and watch the game.

Every time I’m there I’ve had nothing but attentive and friendly service from the staff, and Ben, the owner, is always welcoming.

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Halloween dinner at Eureka!

A little while ago Mike found a Groupon for Eureka Restaurant & Lounge, so we decided to kick off our Halloween evening with dinner in the Castro. Eureka serves up classic favorites like roasted chicken, grilled lamb, and mushroom ravioli but with a Southern twist. Suffice it to say, dinner was delicious and service was impeccable.

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Great food at Pisco Latin Lounge!

Last night Mike and I had dinner at Pisco Latin Lounge, right across from the LGBT Community Center on Market Street. When you first walk in you’re greeted with a long bar with modern black and red decor. On the other side of the bar were tables for two, with a semi-private raised group seating area in the back. While it was only Mike and I, it’s a great, cute little space for a private party.

We started off with Pisco’s specialty drink, the Pisco Punch. It’s a dangerous mix of Passion punch, with splashes of pineapple and cranberry juice. The tart and bitterness of the juices combined with the punch made for one delicious and dangerous drink.
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