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Gov. Chris Christie might be off the hook

We seem to have the first real, credible leak regarding the U.S. Attorney and Department of Justice investigation into the Chris Christie lane closure scandal.  Almost exactly one year ago Bridget Kelly ordered local lane closures on the George Washington bridge in New Jersey on the first day of school leading to massive traffic jams and several hour commutes.  It was a mess and seemed to be aimed a local mayor who refused to support Chris Christie in his bid for reelection as Governor.

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RNC to NBC, CNN: Drop Hillary Doc. or we drop out of your debates!

Hillary Rodham Clinton
“Hot damn I’m fabulous!” Credit: AP/Manuel Balce Ceneta

Right after President Obama was elected in his second term, there were already whispers of Hillary Clinton running in 2016. It was too soon to talk about her running then, but nearly a year after Obama’s reelection I think we can openly talk about it now. I would love for Hillary Clinton to run for President in 2016, and a lot of other people would as well.

What is also totally awesome about a new Clinton campaign, is how freaking scared the GOP is of her, and they should be!

Reince Priebus, The chairman of the Republican National Committee, sent letters to NBC and CNN demanding they stop production on an upcoming miniseries and a documentary about Hillary Clinton or else no person of the Republican party will take part in their national debates come 2016.

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House Republicans refuse to help the public, but allow more DOMA spending

“My politics are bad and I should feel bad.”

It’s easy to see what the priorities of the Republicans really are. It’s not protecting the people, creating a smaller government, or even trying to be fiscally responsible.

No, when House Republican leadership said “Ain’t got no time for that!” to the re-authorization of the Violence Against Women Act and “No we’re too busy protecting America!” to bring up funding for damage done by hurricane Sandy, they showed their true colors. However! While avoiding their responsibility to the people, they were able to authorize additional funding to defend the Defense Of Marriage Act.

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Republicans- Don’t like Obama? Move to Australia!

I saw this making the social media rounds, and while it is after the election, it’s definitely still relevant.

I can’t count how many times I’ve some conservative declare if Obama wins they’ll move to Australia, or Canada. And every time I see a new one I can’t help but think “If you would actually take the time to look at their politics, Obama would be considered a Moderate, and by your standards you’d be moving to a communist country!”


What now?

I went to work last night very concerned about the future of the United States.  As I remarked in an earlier blog, Willard “Mitt” Romney reminded me more of a shady used-car salesman than of a statesman worthy of the Presidency.  I was afraid he would con just enough Americans into voting for him to win the office, and, when one looks at the popular vote tallies, it wouldn’t have taken that many votes to swing the election to his favor.  It’s not that I think Americans are easily duped, but enough of us are willing to suspend disbelief, to give someone the benefit of the doubt, that it seemed very possible to me that the Obama/Biden team might very well lose the election in a squeaker.  Between the lies continuously spread by the surrogates of the GOP, as well as the demonstrably false claims made by the Romney campaign, I was seriously worried as I went into work at 5pm Pacific Time that enough people would be convinced to vote for Romney.  Early returns didn’t ease my mind, as he jumped ahead with the first counts.

As the night wore on, and the President’s count improved, I began to believe that maybe, just maybe, we were dodging a historical bullet, and that the future of this country, and that of the rest of the world as well, would be much brighter.  Once the mid-west began reporting, it became clear that “four more years” would be a reality.

Much like 2008, however, good news came with bad.  Here in California in 2008, we voted Obama, but also approved Prop 8, and stole marriage equality from the gay community.  In 2012, we re-elected President Obama, but still have a GOP controlled House of Representatives.

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