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New Jersey Democrats to hold vote overriding marriage bill veto!


New Jersey Senate Democrats and sticking up for what is right, and starting the process to override Gov. Chris Christie’s veto on last year’s equal marriage bill. Some believe they don’t have the total number of votes needed to override the bill, and argue that to fail a vote makes you look weak. I respectfully disagree. At the very least, it keeps equality on the minds of New Jersey’s people, and gets the Republicans on the record for  voting no. No more wishy-washing! You can watch a video of Sen. President Stephen Sweeney’s announcement after the jump.

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Rep. AZ Governor signs bill effectively rigging future elections

“Why yes, I am the devil reincarnate!”

Republican AZ Governor Jan Brewer has now legalized what I believe can only be described as election fraud. I’m not saying that trying to be a sensationalist, ad I think once you finish reading this blog you’ll agree.

This is one of the reasons I have such a problem with the Republican party, rampant homophobia notwithstanding, the election rigging is getting out of control. If you haven’t heard about the Republican gerrymandering before,  watch this clip by Rachel Maddow. Now read this excerpt from AZ Central’s Laurie Robberts:

This afternoon, Gov. Jan Brewer signed an elections bill that basically wipes out Libertarian and other third-party candidates, boosting their signature requirements to unattainable levels. Green Party candidates would actually have to collect more signatures than they have party members.

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Obama responds to Conservative “side show” about Benghazi “cover up” claims.


When Republicans first rolled out their Benghazi attack ad last week, I was confused. Having already gone through this absurdness once already and  thoroughly debunking any claims of “cover up”; I was confused as to how the Conservative party can still justify those claims. But of course I was assuming they Conservatives were following some logical train of thought, and that was my mistake.

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Gov. Chafee’s powerful statement of support

ImageRhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee has proven himself a remarkable figure in the fight for marriage equality.

In 2004, when the rest of his party was demonizing our community to win an election, Chafee used his position as a Republican in the US Senate to fight the  overwhelming tide and support equality. In 2006, he was one of only seven GOP senators to vote against a Constitutional marriage ban, and the only Republican Senator to support marriage equality. After winning the governorship as an Independent, he used his 2011 inaugural address to advance that cause. And now he has proudly signed legislation making Rhode Island the 10th US state and the final state in New England to legalize same sex marriage.

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Another Illinois Republican backs Marriage Equality!

illinois.re.ed.sullivanState Rep. Ed Sullivan Jr. of Mundelein, Illinois, decided he will side with history and equality when he announced his support for Illinois’ same-sex marriage bill on Sunday. After previously opposing civil unions and same-sex marriage, what changed his mind? Well we have his mother-in-law to thank. From the Chicago Tribune:

Sullivan, who is chairman of the House Republican campaign organization, said his decision to back same-sex marriage represented a personal and family evolution on the issue. Previously an opponent of civil unions, Sullivan told the Tribune that his mother-in-law, who lives in the southwest suburbs, has been in a same-sex relationship.

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The Republican Party knows they’re in trouble, RNC releases report calling for party reform

gop-growth-opportunityAs evident with this last election, the Republican part is so far out of touch with mainstream America they might as well be on a different planet. It seems at least some in the Republican party now know they’ve been only listening to what they want to hear, and if they don’t change something soon they will be left behind (and personally I’d be okay with that).

The Republicans National Convention released a 100 page report called the “Growth and Opportunity Project,” that calls for sweeping reforms and an initial $10 million to help gain the support of LGBT and minority communities.

Here’s what the report had to say regarding gays and minorities:

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