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Harvey Milk International Airport is a no-go.


There is good news and bad news, so here’s the bad news first. A little while ago it looked like smooth-sailing to rename the San Francisco International Airport the Harvey Milk International Airport. Bad news is Supervisor David Campos caved decided not to pursue that idea once a few politicians some of the pubic opposed the project.

The good news is Campos plans to introduce an ordinance that will establish a committee who will recommend which of SFO’s four terminals will be named after Harvey Milk.

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SFO to be renamed after Harvey Milk?


Today San Francisco Supervisor David Campos is proposing legislature that if passed, would put renaming the San Francisco International Airport after Harvey Milk to a vote in November. It looks like it will pass, Campos needs the support of five more supervisors, and already had four as of Monday.

“There are already a number of things honoring Harvey Milk, including schools, but nothing of this national and international scale,” said Campos. “It’s time to send a message that members of the LGBT community are treated with dignity and respect. … In places all over the world, including Europe and Asia, people of all walks of life look up to Harvey Milk.”

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Harvey Milk Street is a go!

With all the stress of the North Carolina Amendment One vote today, we have some good news.

After a uninamious vote by the City Council Tuesday, San Diego will become the first city in the United States to name a street after Harvey Milk. Blaine Avenue, the street leading to the San Diego LGBT Community Center in Hillcrest, will be renamed Harvey Milk Street.

“Harvey Milk has become a global leader for those who wish for gay civil rights and equality,” said city commissioner and friend of Harvey Milk, Nicole Ramirez. “It’s not just a street you’re naming. You’ll be giving a clear symbol to that young gay man or that young lesbian woman that they too can reach the highest offices.”

There will be a celebration and dedication on what would be Harvey Milk’s 82nd birthday, on May 22nd. More information about that here!