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Former Conversion Therapy Director Marries Same-Sex Partner

John Smid and Larry McQueen
John Smid and Larry McQueen (facebook)

I’ve often wondered what goes thru the mind of a gay man when he invests himself in ex-gay therapy.  I would only guess, that they in some way, feel extremely conflicted in their sexuality, even tormented.  However, for many, it’s a learning experience.  A time when the perspective can change, and hopefully, for the better.  For which I believe is the case, for John Smid, formally the director of Love in Action, a Memphis based “straight camp” for teens.     Continue reading



Methodist Pastor, Rev. Frank Schaefer, was given his ordination credentials back today after being stripped of them 6 months ago for performing a wedding for his gay son.  After serving a 30 day suspension for performing the ceremony and then refusing to denounce the practice of marrying same-sex couples he was bounced from the denomination and stripped of his ministry rights in the church.  That was remedied and made right today.

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God Hates Fangs

true blood season 1

I recently started binge watching True Blood.  I know, I know, I might take a hit on the point balance on my gay card for getting such a late start.  There is only so much time in the day and after working, trying to run QL, and having a little bit of life, I have been remiss in not enjoying this show.  While it’s certainly not the greatest show I’ve ever seen I have enjoyed and I wanted to post a blog about my biggest takeaway from the first season.

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