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Elton John vs Russia

Russia has long been the center of debate over their lack of LGBT rights. Elton John is one among many celebrities who have spoken out against the laws in Russia.


At a recent performance in St. Petersburg he asked Russians to reconsider the ban on “gay propaganda” set in place by President Valdimir Putin. During his plea he even referenced a long time beloved composer who hails from Russia, Pyotr Tchaikovsky, who was believed to be gay.

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same-sex-marriageFor months now, we’ve read and heard, and for some, have been  a part of the ever changing and realization of same-sex marriage.  And at times, it’s hard to remember, at least by name, all the states that now have those marriages, or for that matter, don’t (yet).  So, I thought I would call your attention, because I like visuals, to the most recent map I could locate, (something that Nate has done in the past ), which shows  improvements, more than just getting us past the tipping point, after the jump….

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Autoposy report for Robin Williams released

robin williams autopsyThe full autopsy report for Robin Williams was released today.  As it turns out, there were no illegal drugs or alcohol in his system so that was nice to hear.  There were some details about his Parkinson’s diagnosis that were included in the report that I didn’t know before.  Click the link below to read some excerpts from the MSN news article I stumbled upon today and the URL to make jump to the entire piece.

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Technology is a thing

mike martinez spirit day 2014Sometimes I forget technology is a thing.  LOL.  Now that all of the blogs I run and manage are on the downloadable version of WordPress, and I have complete and direct access to our content and user database, it makes it really easy to make big moves, and big decisions, in a fraction of the time it used to.  Sometimes I forget that technology really is supposed to make our lives easier.  Click the link below to read more about another great reason you should have Queer Landia bookmarked in your web browser.  ;-)

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Canada: Faith-based law school will not receive accreditation.


Canada, if I loved you any more I would have to be a citizen! You, with your sensible laws, healthcare, and recognition of discrimination. Here’s the latest awesome thing they have done, the Law Society of British Columbia voted not to give accreditation to a faith-based law school Trinity Western University because of their position on homosexuality.

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Salt Lake City links

The Salt Lake City page of gay and gay-friendly links is up and live on the site.  If you know, or come across, any links that should be up on the page please let us know.  You can submit links using the form on the bottom of the page or you can email them directly to mike@queerlandia.com for consideration.  Our city pages will live in the left-hand column of the site for easy reference and access.

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