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Spreading HIV is criminal

Many moons ago I knew someone who knew someone in a group of friends I had when I first came out and when I first launched the old Queer Fresno.  For the purposes of this blog we’ll call him “John Doe” because he still lives in Fresno and still knows some people I know and I don’t want to drudge up old drama.  John and I had a big disagreement around how he handled his HIV status and I was reminded of him last week when an Atlanta pastor was caught sleeping with women in his church and knowingly spreading HIV.

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Metalheads and gays, comedy gold from Steve Hughes!


I was hanging out with a good  friend of mine over the weekend, and he was astonished I’ve never heard of Steve Hughes, metalhead comedian from down under, he promptly made me watch this clip! It’s a few years old but totally still relevant. If you can spare the 10 minutes I suggest watching the whole video, otherwise I’ve clipped it where he starts his bit about his homophobic metal friends and gays, you have got to watch it!

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Got queer?

mike martinez spirit day 2014So as part of the process of moving QL to our server space and the downloadable version of WordPress it’s give me a chance to see review and edit some of our content and pages.  I’ve went through and cleaned up the Queer Links page on our site and I was a little sad to see how many queer sites went under or just called it quits over the last year.

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Video round up: Say No to Gay Divorce and Orange Is The New Black says wear purple for Spirit Day!

say.no.to.gay.divorce.and.orange.spirit.dayToday on Video Round-Up we have a short skit about a Super Pac who wants to keep the sanctity of Divorce, and a couple of  lovely ladies from Litchfield Prison and GLAAD want to remind you to wear purple for Spirit Day!

Support LGBT Youth  and help raise bullying awareness by wearing purple Thursday, October 16th. Watch  both of the videos after the jump!

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Happy bday Matt Bomer

Matt Bomer

Matt Bomer has long been a QL favorite and I definitely want to keep up that trend on Queer Landia 4.0.  Not only is he a dreamy and talented actor, he is out and proud and more than does is part in helping keep gay actors in a positive light.  I wanted to give him a birthday shout out as turned 37 over the weekend.

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