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8-year-old girl recieves letter from Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott

“I’m not totally heartless! Just mostly heartless.”

An eight year-old girl named Abbey living is Australia is very upset her uncles can not get married, and she decided to do something about it! She wrote the Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott every day for a week, asking him to change the law so her uncles could be married. And after a week of such devotion to the cause, PM Tony Abbot actually  wrote her back!

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Russian police seize painting of Putin and Prime Minister in women’s underwear


This has got to be one of my favorite things I’ve seen all day. Russia’s President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev in women’s underwear. It’s too bad the painting has been confiscated and is no longer on display! From Reuters:

The police service said it had taken paintings from the “Museum of Power” gallery – based in two rooms of a flat – late on Monday after receiving reports they were illegal.

Russia does have a “No insulting authorities” law, but I bet if they would have let it slide not nearly as many people would have seen this masterpiece! Putin and Medvedev, you two should hit the runway!

Photo credit: Reuters/Stringer

Anonymous hacks Ugandan PM’s website in protest of anti-gay politics

You never know where the ruffian hacker group ‘Anonymous’ will strike next, or for what purpose. Most recently Anonymous decided to fight for gay rights, hacking Ugandan Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi’s website, and releasing a fake apology letter. It reads in part, “We have got to expel the narrow mindedness from this country, and begin afresh, starting with a full and formal apology to all homosexuals living in Uganda today.”

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Malaysia removes gays from TV and announces funds for ‘Gay cure therapy’

It seems like Malaysia is taking a step in St. Petersburg’s direction by trying to stop the “influence” of the LGBT community by removing them from TV, reports The Star.

The Information Department has banned shows featuring gay characters, Deputy Information, Communications and Culture Minister Datuk Maglin Dennis D’Cruz confirmed. He said the ban was effective immediately but would only start with state-owned TV and radio stations.

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Denmark Soon to Become 11th Country to Legalize Gay Marriage

Now that St Petersburg is off the travel list, you have the great country of Denmark to replace it!

Denmark Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt announced in a press conference draft legislation will be submitted by the Danish government on Wednesday allowing same-sex couples to marry at City Hall and the Church of Denmark provided they find a willing priest.

“It will be up to each priest whether he or she will perform gay marriages, but the government gives all members of the church the right to get married in church, whether they want to marry a person of the opposite or same sex,” PM Thorning said in Tuesday’s conference.

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In Sweden, you still have to get sterilised to go from ‘Female’ to ‘Male’.

   Since the 1970s it has been Swedish law that if you’re trans and trying to change that little letter on your drivers license from ‘F’ to ‘M’, you must first undergo sterilisation. This has been a hot-button issue in Sweden for some time, and whilst most of Swedish parliament is in favor of getting rid of the out-dated law, Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeld has let a small band of conservatives hinder the much wanted reform.

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The EU Gets its First Openly Gay Prime Minister!

Elio di Rupo and his fancy trademark bow tie

Who is this French-speaking, openly gay socialist that is the new Prime Minister of Belgium? His name is Elio di Rupo, and he’s the European Union’s first openly gay Prime Minister!

I’m excited to see how someone who’s values and beliefs are the antithesis of main-stream America repairs his country. Then maybe we here across the pond could learn a thing or two.

The BBC did a great little write up of Elio di Rupo, including how he ended up publicly coming out.