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Details of NYC Dance on the Pier released!


Hey everyone, NYC Pride put out a press release giving away the details of this year’s NYC Dance on the Pier! We won’t know who the headliner is yet, but here are all of the other pertinent details from the press release:

   NYC Pride announced today that the 28th annual Dance on the Pier would be returning to Hudson River Park’s Pier 26. Pier 26 will also be home to NYC Pride’s annual women’s event, Teaze (formerly Rapture on the River), and the Rally, the opening event of Pride weekend. Past NYC Pride performers include Cher, Lady Gaga, Whitney Houston, Janet Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Hudson and many more.

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Toxic people

I had a great conversation and long over-due catching up session with some really great Fresno friends that I’ve known for years.  The topic of “toxic” people came up, and actually, it was the second or third time people who are bad for you has come up in conversation.  You know what that means.  I need to write down a few thoughts while they are swirling around in my head…

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nyc.pride.logoIt seems the Catholics might be joining in on the NYC Pride march, even though they are staunchly against  equality. Maybe if they participate, their minds could be changed? Read the press release for yourself from NYC Pride:


New York, March 20, 2014—Heritage of Pride (NYC Pride) formally addressed speculations regarding the participation of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights in the 2014 NYC LGBT Pride March and the group’s intent to carry a ‘Straight is Great’ banner. In response to email communications from Bill Donohue, President of the Catholic League, NYC Pride representatives provided instructions for the March’s online registration system.

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Red State in Favor of Gay Marriage


A red state which just had some drama surrounding their “right to discriminate” bill is showing support for gay marriage. According to a poll conducted this recent Tuesday, 66 percent of Arizona residents disapproved of the anti gay law. Only 22 percent (which is too many in my opinion) showed support for the bill.

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Herald Weekend Post Publishes Image of Gay Wedding


Herald Weekend Post

Okay, you may be thinking that newspapers have been publishing images of gay weddings for quite some time now. You can see it in the New York Times, the Denver post, and the Washington Inquire…but this newspaper is based out of Africa. As many of us know Uganda passed the Anti-Homosexuality bill not that long ago and there is a rising tide of anti-gay sentiment in Africa. But the Herald Weekend Post in Port Elizabeth, South Africa has recently featured a gay couple Case van der Touw, and Shaun Luyt, on the cover. The publication received a large amount of backlash and hate, below are just a few messages they received.

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