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Got queer?

mike martinez spirit day 2014So as part of the process of moving QL to our server space and the downloadable version of WordPress it’s give me a chance to see review and edit some of our content and pages.  I’ve went through and cleaned up the Queer Links page on our site and I was a little sad to see how many queer sites went under or just called it quits over the last year.

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Join our budding band of bloggers

mike martinez spirit day 2014Are you a serious gay writer?  Do you have a passion for all things queer?  Are you looking to find your voice on this pale blue dot?  This project might be for you.  We are looking for like-minded, gay writers, to help us build a truly independent and unique gay media source.  We are looking for contributors who like our mission and want to help us build a thriving, first rate blog.

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Happy bday Matt Bomer

Matt Bomer

Matt Bomer has long been a QL favorite and I definitely want to keep up that trend on Queer Landia 4.0.  Not only is he a dreamy and talented actor, he is out and proud and more than does is part in helping keep gay actors in a positive light.  I wanted to give him a birthday shout out as turned 37 over the weekend.

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Queer Landia 4.0

Well, if you are reading this then you’ve made the jump with us to the downloadable version of QL.  We’re calling this new and exciting chapter Queer Landia 4.0!!!  This is new ground for us and we’re super glad to have you come with us.  We’re rolling with the Twenty Fourteen theme from WordPress because 2014 is the year we take this blog to another level.  It’s also the window of opportunity you have to register with us for free and get posting privileges!

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Ancient House of Cards

ancient-coverAncient House of Cards is a gay romance novel written by Bryan T. Clark.  It’s the first in what hopefully will be a long line of literary works from this new author.  Bryan is a good friend and an official sponsor of Queer Landia.  Click the link below to find out more about this queer novel…

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