Gigantic pink dog statue stolen after LA Pride!

This is a freaking travesty! The humongous pink bulldog statue you see above was stolen this past Monday off the Santa Monica Boulevard median. The bulldog is one of six bulldog sculptures that were on the median for Sunday’s gay pride parade.

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Rick Santorum on Pink Bowling Balls

REALLY, Rick??  You just make it too easy for us bloggers. Are you honestly so homophobic (and ignorant) that even pink bowling balls are a threat to you?

For those who don’t know, Rick Santorum recently told a young man in Wisconsin that he wasn’t allowed to use a pink bowling ball! I can only guess why he was so adamant about it, but I suspect it was about not wanting the boy to appear gay or effeminate. Or maybe he is so homophobic that he didn’t even want to be around someone who MIGHT be gay. I wonder, though, how he can stand to be in the presence of his supposedly gay friends. 

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