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How to talk to your kids about Michael Sam

Michael Sam is now the first openly gay player in the NFL. In that beautiful and emotional moment after getting the call from the St. Louis Rams, he kissed and hugged his boyfriend, and ESPN showed it live on national television. Now your kids have seen it, and they have some questions.

Here’s an easy guide how you can talk to your son or daughter about Michael Sam.

Also if you really like, you can buy his jersey from the NFL shop.

Must Watch: Gay dad makes a webseries out of driving uber cute son around


If you want to watch the most adorable thing in the world today, look no further. A father by the name of Frank Lowe, who you may know form his twitter @GayAtHomeDad,  has started series on his YouTube channel called “Driving Mr. Briggs”.

In this first episode, Lowe talks with his son Briggs about a kiss, how he and a girl bonded over monster trucks, and how Briggs will be handsome no matter what.

Check out the video after the jump!

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What would you say to your 5 year old? “Mom, am I gay?”

From That Neat Blog. Parenting the way it should be.

My youngest son loves to ask questions.  I sometimes forget he’s only 5 because his vocabulary is extremely immense.  But there are some words he doesn’t know.  Gay was one of them.

Last Friday night, we were watching some TV to wind down the school week for my boys and work week for me.  During a commercial break, Peanut looked at me and asked, “Mom, am I gay?”  I was a little taken aback. I asked him what he thought the word gay meant.  He replied, “It means you’re not married, right?”  I couldn’t help but giggle a little.

Before I give my reply, let me tell you a little bit about our family.  My boys see homosexuality (in the sense of two men or two women being in love) as completely normal, as they should.  It’s so normal to them that they don’t understand it’s different enough to be labeled as being “gay”.  Love is love to them.

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Twice the dads, twice the fun!

It’s almost unfair for kids not to have two dads!


Comic is from Lunarbaboon.

Homophobia Related to Parenting?

Homophobia is more pronounced in individuals with an unacknowledged attraction to the same sex and who grew up with authoritarian parents who forbade such desires, a series of psychology studies demonstrates. (article here)

To me, this study isn’t exactly groundbreaking, but, then, when it comes to Social Psychology, there is the tendency to have the ‘I knew it all along’ syndrome. It makes sense that having parents that don’t encourage autonomy would then lead to dependence on the parents for values, guidance, and cues for how to act and think.

The studies are interesting in that they don’t depend on the participants’ report of their level of homophobia, on their stated sexual orientation. Someone who is homophobic but really gay isn’t going to admit that, or even, perhaps, be aware of it. The techniques used in the studies seem a bit less than compelling to me, but I also know that I haven’t been studying the research, so they may be quite valid.  For example, they showed the participants either the word ‘me’ or ‘others’ in a subliminal way before having them rate words on the computer screen as either gay or straight. They measured reaction time between the words ‘me’ and ‘straight’ and ‘me’ and ‘gay’, and having a slower reaction time to associate ‘me’ and ‘straight’ and a faster reaction time to ‘me’ and ‘gay’ was indicative of someone who is gay but suppressing it.

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