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“One Million” Moms Miss the Mark (Again) on Ellen Ad


Surprising approximately no one anywhere, (Nowhere Near) One Million Moms has chimed in on JC Penney’s latest, apparently hugely offensive, television ad, starring the biggest threat to American Family Values since the fully functioning brain, Ellen Degeneres.

As you probably know, One Million Moms is a group whose membership is exaggerated in its name by about 95%, specifically spawned by the American Family Association first to take and then to publicize “offense” to all things gay that threaten The Children.  That they take offense to the insidious threat to decency that is Ellen in general is not news, nor the fact that they have already launched one “boycott” of JC Penney, based on their choice of Ellen as a spokesperson, that made the company rich beyond its wildest dreams.  Where One Million Moms’ Facebook page (before they took it down) reached a zenith of about 50,000 “Likes,” the Facebook page “1 Million People Who Support Ellen for JC Penney” sits pretty at more like 325,000; if the influence of these “moms” is not debatable (and here we are, talking about them again), its effectiveness certainly is. Continue reading “One Million” Moms Miss the Mark (Again) on Ellen Ad

Facebook adds Same-Sex Marriage Icons

Just shortly after Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes married his partner Sean Eldridge in New York, Facebook adds two same-sex marriage icons.

As it goes, from GLAAD

Facebook has rolled out a new feature providing additional recognition for its users who are married to a person of the same sex. Now these users who have indicated on their Facebook timeline that they are married will be recognized by new same-sex marriage icons, rather than the marriage icon used for straight married couples.

This change follows several notable LGBT inclusion efforts by Facebook. Last year, Facebook added ‘In a Civil Union’ and ‘In a Domestic Partnership’ options to user profiles. Facebook has also taken significant steps toward preventing anti-LGBT bullying, and created theNetwork of Support with GLAAD and other LGBT organizations in 2010

Now let’s see if One Million Shrews tries to get people off Facebook for ruining the innocence of social media.

One Million Moms on the warpath over Archie Comics in Toys ‘R’ Us checkout counter

One Million Moms hopped on the crazy train again, but this time they’re not yelling about Ellen DeGeneres corrupting the American Lifestyle. Now they’re all up in arms because Toys ‘R” Us is selling the new Archie comic featuring two gay characters getting married at the checkout counter.

Here’s part of the statement from their website:

“These comic books are sold at the front checkout counters so they are highly visible to employees, managers, customers and children.

Continue reading One Million Moms on the warpath over Archie Comics in Toys ‘R’ Us checkout counter

WATCH: Ellen responds with her quick to One Million Moms attack


Ellen DeGeneres responds to all of the hate from One Million Moms in her usual fantastic manner, and also shout outs a ‘thank you’ to JC Penny for standing by their decision to hire her! So without further ado, Ellen!