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Old Dominion University To Offer Separate Housing For Gay Students – Video

Say what?? I can’t decide what to think about this. Are they trying to segregate LGBT students away from others (which, of course, makes them a target for homophobic jerks), or…what? I’m sure they think they’re solving a problem, but I think they’re instead creating one. In the video, it describes it as part of their Living Learning Community aimed at grouping people with similar interests and goals. To me, that’s short sighted, because it seems to assume that all gay people have the same interests and goals and isn’t far from segregation. It’s like saying that everyone who is from a certain town knows each other and  is just alike, or everyone of the same race is alike.

What do you think? Am I being too rigid about this?  I can’t see how this could be a good thing, although I’m sure ODU (in my home state) thinks they’re being gay friendly.