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nyc.pride.logoIt seems the Catholics might be joining in on the NYC Pride march, even though they are staunchly against  equality. Maybe if they participate, their minds could be changed? Read the press release for yourself from NYC Pride:


New York, March 20, 2014—Heritage of Pride (NYC Pride) formally addressed speculations regarding the participation of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights in the 2014 NYC LGBT Pride March and the group’s intent to carry a ‘Straight is Great’ banner. In response to email communications from Bill Donohue, President of the Catholic League, NYC Pride representatives provided instructions for the March’s online registration system.

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It’s called a Gayborhood


Imagine living within walking distance of the hottest shops and restaurants. Chinese take out is available 24 hours a day, vintage Christian Dior is easy to locate (and thats hard), and there’s something new to do every night. Welp, you may just want to move to a gayborhood!

If you’re unfamiliar with this term let me help you out. A gayborhood is a neighbourhood with a large concentration of gay men and women in one area. San Francisco, New York, and Portland are just a few cities with such neighbourhoods. Gayborhoods are known to consist of the hottest nightlife, diversity in cultures, and beautiful people (apparently I don’t live in one then).   While some may argue that gays drive our neighbourhoods and economic system into the ground, I’m here to tell them they’re dead wrong…I’m talking bout you Michele Bachmann.

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NYC Pride announces 2014 Pride theme, “We Have Won When We’re One”


Via press release from NYC Pride:

New York, January 7, 2014—NYC Pride announced the official theme for Pride 2014: “We have won when we’re one.” Additionally, NYC Pride released official theme artwork and brand elements for the coming year’s celebrations. The 2014 theme is a reminder that inequality still exists both at home and abroad. Our work is unfinished until all members of the LGBT community, in all parts of the world, can enjoy the freedoms and protections they rightfully deserve. Bearing this theme in mind, NYC Pride will host its annual calendar of events in June, commemorating the 45th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots.

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Cher debuts new album

cher - closer to the truth cover

There are a few areas that many of my friends claim I’m not really gay.  I’m what some might call a “straight-acting” queer.  I like sports (football and basketball are my favs) and if Sandra Bullock or Angie Harmon wanted to take advantage of me I might be OK with that.  ;-)

So while I’m listening to Cher’s new album release Closer to the Truth you can click the link below and read more about one of my OGT’s (obviously gay traits)…

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Russian tennis players shy away from commenting on anti-gay laws

Matthew stockman, Getty imagesDuring the U.S. Open, six Russian tennis players were asked about Russia’s “gay propaganda” ban, and they all either claimed ignorance of the law or chose to keep their thoughts to themselves.

In New York, players Maria Kirilenko (pictured), Vera Dushevina, Nadia Petrova, and Dmitry Tursunov said they had never heard of the law before. “I didn’t hear anything about it,” said Kirilenko.

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Coca-Cola responds to protest calling for them to dump Sochi


On Monday I posted a flyer for today’s protest against Coca-Cola and their sponsorship of the Sochi Olympics. By the look of it, it looks like a good many people turned out in the protest. I, for one, have never quite understood “Dump *insert product here*” campaigns, because you give them your money before literally pouring it down the drain. However, it must have gotten Coca-Cola’s attention because they responded with a press release:

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