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Very cool Ryan Gosling article at BuzzFeed

ryan gI found this really great post about Ryan Gosling on BuzzFeed today.  The article is written by Matt Stopera and is titled 45 Things You Never Knew About Ryan Gosling.  Did you know that Ryan Gosling was cast in the Notebook because the director that he was ugly and uninteresting?  True story!

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Boogie your way to the theaters for American Hustle


With this passing Christmas day, there are a ton of excellent films that are playing in theaters right now. I highly suggest making American Hustle a priority to see.  With an all-star cast playing the main and support characters, this movie is armed to the teeth with acting power. Christian Bale, Bradley Cooper, Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner and Jennifer Lawrence do a fantastic job getting into their characters, and really bringing the complexities of the characters to life.

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Movie review- The Hungers Games: Catching Fire


With the cult-like following The Hunger Games series has garnered for the books, I must first admit I have not read a sing one of the books. It’s not that I’ve refused, I just haven’t gotten around to it yet. So this review will be free from book-to-movie comparisons.

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Review: Olympus Has Fallen…

olympus.has.fallen… down on its face. Don’t get me wrong, Olympus Has Fallen wasn’t a terrible movie, and it wasn’t necessarily a bad movie for that matter either, but there are just a few points that I found to be too distracting to really enjoy this movie.

So the premise is the White House gets attacked and the President of the United States is taken hostage. Gerard Butler plays Mike Banning, an ex-secret service agent who has to rescue the President and his son.

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A Good Day to Die Hard: How a son in the CIA reconnected with his father

“So you’ve done this before?”

So Valentin’s day, what do you do? Well you see the most romantic movie that’s out of course, A Good Day to Die Hard. This movie makes for the fifth film of the Die Hard series, and in my opinion, one of the weakest.

To be honest, it was just okay. Sure there were shoot-outs and large explosions aplenty, but by the end the movie just felt like it was lacking. Let me follow-up that assessment with this, I did not go into the theater thinking A Good Day to Die Hard would be the next greatest action movie of all time with a plot full of substance and finesse or expect academy award-winning performances. It’s a guilty pleasure action film, one you watch because not only have they ‘jumped the shark’ but they went back and took that shark to the moon.

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