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Film Review: Guardians of the Galaxy


I know this review comes a little late as Guardians of the Galaxy has been out for several weeks now, but you know how life goes, and I’ve only just seen it.

When I first saw the trailer, I thought this was going to be cheap attempt at using another Marvel comic for (strictly) commercial gain. But after repeatedly hearing about how great the movie was I had to check it out. I set my worries aside and jumped in, and holy hell am I glad I did!

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The Amazing Spider-Man 2: A great sequel!

Andrew Garfield

This is one of those rare cases, where the sequel is just as good, if not better than the original film. I loved The Amazing Spiderman 2. I thought it kept with the girtty superhero theme nicely while keeping Spider-Man’s (Andrew Garfield) character personality intact. Spider-Man is supposed to be this funny, punny, witty superhero, and he’s got that in spades.

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300: Rise of an Empire – Review


During my St Paddy’s Day celebration over the weekend, I saw 300: Rise of an Empire over the weekend.  I must admit, after the original 300 came out, I immediately went out and bought several books on the Battle of Thermopylae and Sparta in general.  Then of course I promptly skimmed through them and never looked at them again, such is the life of an impulse-book buy.

Having seen and enjoyed 300 many times, I was happy to see the storyline continued, however while I enjoyed watching 300: Rise of an Empire there were several things that greatly lessened the experience for me.

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Movie Review: The Monuments Men


I’ve been really excited for The Monuments Men ever since I saw the first trailer back in December, and I’m happy to say I wasn’t let down. Some movies you watch because the storyline is intriguing, others because you really like the actors that are in it. For me, even if I wasn’t into war films there are so many great actors I couldn’t NOT watch it. I think you can call The Monuments Men the love child of George Clooney, as he wrote, directed, and stared in it. And of course, where there’s George Clooney, Matt Damon is soon to follow. Then with John Goodman, Bill Murray,Hugh Bonneville, Cate Blanchett, and Bob Balaban backing up Clooney and Damon, I was sold at first sight.

The premise of the movie is during World War II, Clooney convinces the President that art and the accomplishments of man is worth protecting. They must save millions of pieces of master works of art before the Nazis destroy it all.

The Monuments Men wasn’t a fantastic or very profound film, but I really enjoyed watching it nonetheless. I think the story was told really well, and there are some deeply touching moments that remind you of the realities of war, and I think are worth the price of admission alone. With a cast like Clooney had, there is really no way to go wrong, and I think they all took the movie very seriously. I highly recommend watching it in theaters, in fact, I just might go watch it again.

If you’re still on the fence, watch the trailer below.


‘Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit’ Review

jack ryan shadow recruit

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit brings us a reboot, modern-day telling of Tom Clancy’s most famed CIA operative, Jack Ryan. This is his starter story, how Jack Ryan (Chris Pine) first got involved with the CIA, and how he was thrown into operations. The plot for the movie is unremarkable, and some might even go so far as to say ‘trite’. However with the likes of Kevin Costner, Keira Knightly, and Chris Pine, the acting was well done, and kept me engaged. If this movie was done with lesser actors, I would go from feeling “it was okay” to “there’s another two hours of my life I won’t get back.”

When watching this movie, throw out all you know about Jack Ryan from The Hunt for Red October and previous Jack Ryan films. It’s a modern retelling of the character that (mostly) keeps to the origin story. Shadow Recruit is your average, run of the mill action movie, while lacking the typical mind-bending plot elements and excessive explosions of the average spy movie. As a stand alone film Shadow Recruit is only remarkable in its unremarkable-ness. However it does set up the character quite well, and I see promise for future films in the franchise. I have faith the following Jack Ryan movies will be much better, and as always, will let you know what I think when they come out.

I give Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit a 3/5 for still keeping me interested in the character, while lacking notable substance. If you’re still on the fence, watch the trailer below.

Boys Behaving Badly-Comments on “The Wolf of Wall Street”

First of all, let me say I absolutely HATED this movie, so those who love it will want to pass this commentary by. I rarely consider leaving the theater during a movie, and am also not likely to be so unhappy and bored that I look around the theater to find something else to pay attention to.  But all of that is true of my experience with The Wolf of Wall Street.

I had been looking forward to seeing this movie, because I really like both Leonardo DiCaprio and Matthew McConaughey.  The trailer looked entertaining, though it admittedly isn’t the kind of movie I usually find fascinating. But the movie wasn’t much like the trailer.  I hate it when they do that.

Matthew M had a very small part…in fact, what you see in the trailer is a big chunk of his role. I think maybe he could have made the movie more palatable had he had a larger role.  This was my first disappointment.

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“Blue Is the Warmest Color’-Brief Review

I love going to movies. I would see one every day if time and money weren’t an issue. And I’m not super picky about them either. I watch pretty much anything except for horror movies.  I also have to be in a certain mood to like what I call ‘stupid comedies’. But otherwise, most everything is fair game.

I recently wrote about wanting to see the new movie, Blue Is the Warmest Color. I was concerned I wouldn’t be able to see it due to the NC-17 rating, but quickly discovered that, of course, it is playing here (after all, it IS Portland!).  I was eager to see the movie the critics adored and even curious about what makes a movie get an NC-17 rating. Yesterday was the day.[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y2OLRrocn3s]/p>


I was so hopeful that I would be wowed…that it would be the amazing love story I had read that it was. I wanted to be captivated, enthralled, engrossed.  And I was disappointed. 

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Review Flashback: King of New York (1990)

kingofnewyorkAlright everyone, let me save you some time and tell you right now you should not watch King of New York. I saw this on Netflix, and being a huge fan of Christopher Walken, I excitedly added it to the queue. When finally getting around to watching it, ever the optimist, I kept thinking “Okay it’ll pick up and get good any moment now.” But it never does. It’s a ‘serious’ movie about a drug lord (Walken) who comes back from prison and takes over New York’s cocaine business by force.

However what happens is the movie really plays like a parody of itself. The acting is fine, but the over-the-top violence, and the ridiculously stupid gun-battle scenes are nearly offensive. The dialogue is trite and sparse, and the plot is thin. Larry (now Laurence) Fishburne and Christopher Walken play their respective characters fantastically, but that doesn’t make up for the downsides of the rest of the movie.

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