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Same-sex weddings start today in Minnesota and Rhode Island!

Starting as early as 12:01 am, same-sex marriage became legal in Minnesota and Rhoide Island. Just after midnight Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak and his staff began officiating over 42 weddings, and Governor Mark Dayton declared today as “Freedom to Marry Day.” Senators of Minnesota even joined in the celebration, releasing a video sharing their congratulations!

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Just as we expected, Marriage Equality passes the Senate in Minnesota!


The bill still has to go to the desk of Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton, who is expected to sign the bill into law! This make’s it the 12th State in the U.S. to pass marriage equality. Keep it going everyone!

Minnesota House of Reps. pass Marriage Equality Legislation! To the Senate we go!

Minnesotans United

Minnesota is on the verge of joining the future with Delaware and becoming the 12th state in the U.S. to pass marriage equality. Thursday the Minnesota House of Representatives passed the marriage equality bill, so next stop is the Senate on Monday! Best part is, it’s expected to pass with bipartisan support.

They’re falling like dominoes!

Minnesota GOP Senator to co-sponsor same-sex marriage bill!

petersenThis is some big news for Minnesota! Republican Senator Branden Petersen is breaking new ground in Minnesota by becoming the first Republican legislator to not only publicly support marriage equality, but he is also preparing to co-sponsor a bill legalizing same-sex marriage in his state!

“At this point, I am concerned about doing the right thing,” said Petersen, an Andover resident who is married and has two young children. “I have a certain amount of peace about that, and I will let the chips fall where they may.”

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Victory 2012 is an equality landslide

Chad Griffin, President of the Human Rights Campaign, is calling newly re-elected President Barack Obama our Ally-In-Chief.  I really like that and it’s a title of distinction that is well deserved.  From the fall of DADT to the public support and affirmation that he personally feels gays should have the right to marry we have seen great strides for equality under this administration and it didn’t stop at the top of the ticket last night…

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Minnesota Senator’s staff dress as a rainbow for Halloween!

I hope everyone had a happy and safe Halloween last night! Big props to Minnesota Senator Al Franken’s staff from D.C. and St Paul! They collectively dressed as a rainbow to encourage everyone to vote “no” on a constitutional amendment that would define marriage as a one man and one woman.

There’s a second photo after the jump!

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Chris Kluwe records ‘lustful c*ckmonster’ radio ad for Minnesota!

Chris Kluwe has been a great advocate for the LGBT community, and his many colorfully worded letters are always refreshing to read. Kluwe’s latest deed in the fight for marriage equality is a radio ad for Minnesotans for Equality. The ad is a conversation between ‘the government’ and Kluwe, and utilizes the phrase “lustful cockmonster”, which Kluwe used in a letter to Maryland state delegate Emmett C. Burns Jr. back in September.

Listen to the 60 second ad after the jump! Also click through for the bonus shirtless picture. No one will blame you.

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