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Windy City Judges Hear Indiana & Wisconsin Marriage Equality Cases

Judge Richard Posner

Judge Richard Posner

This last Tuesday, in a Chicago courtroom, the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals would decide whether or not to uphold lower court rulings that, Wisconsin’s voter-approved constitutional amendment, and Indiana’s statutes, are unconstitutional.  Led by Judge Richard Posner, a Republican Appointee,  who has an unapologetic bias toward reality and logic, when posing questions at lawyers for Wisconsin and Indiana attempted to defend their state’s marriage bans, Posner issued a series of bench slaps that unmasked anti-gay arguments as the silly nonsense that they are. There is no doubt that I’m becoming very fond of the 7th Circuit.

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Wendy Davis for Texas

wendy davis for texas 100 days

Wendy Davis looks to be the first viable Democrat running for governor since Ann Richards in 1990.  Can you imagine how much better that state, and the country would be, if Texas went blue?

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Breaking! Colorado Rules Same-Sex Marriage Ban Unconstitutional

As a Colorado native I could not be happier to report on such an occasion! This year has been amazing in terms of LGBT rights and it seems like soon enough (or hopefully) all the states will allow same sex marriage.

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pride_by_jayd91-d31zte7      Fellow blogger Nathan Simpson posted a U.S. Same Sex Marriage Map, with a very good reason why he did.  It is very challenging  to keep up on the state by state wins at the pace that they’re happening.  The map of itself is handy and answers a lot of questions, but in my mind, it also begs the question, what’s next? Read the rest of this entry

Scanning the Pro Gay Movement

photo credit: Kurotor Asempai

photo credit:
Kurotor Asempai

The bar codes first known use was in 1963, and often represents binary information which would be scanned optically as part of a computer system.  However, for me, the one pictured above has a special meaning.  It reminds me, that over the last one or two years, the LBGT Community has firmly become part of our mainstream society, and the support will continue to grow,  and it will not be reversed.  A good example is that as a Firefox user, I applauded the gay and pro-gay staff and customers who pressured the newly appointed chief executive officer (Brendan Eich) at Mozilla to resign, because he opposed gay marriage.  Then think about the vast number of judges, who have recently recognized Our Community with their pro-gay verdicts or opinions.  The list is getting longer and moving faster, and my mental scanner is clicking on that bar code a lot, simply because I read the following…

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Latest GLAAD infographic on marriage

From our friends at GLAAD:


Meanwhile, Maine defeats “Hate the Gays in God’s Name” bill

maine_sealWhile Arizona was busy passing legislation to legalize discrimination, Maine was killing a similar measure.  Following last week’s Senate vote in which LD 1428, “An Act to Protect Religious Freedom”, was defeated 19-16, Maine’s House of Representatives voted 89-52 today against the GOP sponsored bill.

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