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States of Celebration

All summer long, it has been amazing to see the marriage map changing day by day as weddings performed by county clerks in New Mexico and Pennsylvania have proven once again that the marriage equality landscape has completely changed since the landmark U.S. Supreme Court rulings this June. Watching joyful couples lining up in county after county has been a wonderful reminder of the power we have on the local level to create national change – a lesson we learned almost a decade ago on the steps of San Francisco City Hall.

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Ruling Means Same-Sex Couples in California Can Continue To Say “I Do”

San Francisco • 14 August 2013 ― Today Marriage Equality USA celebrates the California Supreme Court’s decision to dismiss the Proposition 8 proponents’ last ditch effort to deny loving, committed same-sex couples the freedom to marry in California.

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Marriage Equality awards reception in L.A. tonight


DATE & TIME: Saturday, 10 August 2013, 4:00–7:00pm LOCATION: Traxx @ Union Station, 800 N. Alameda Street, Los Angeles 90012 MEDIA CREDENTIALS: www.marriageequality.org/la-awards
Los Angeles • 5 August 2013 ― California Assembly Speaker John Peréz and California State Senator Ricardo Lara will be two of the special guests attending the inaugural Marriage Equality USA Los Angeles Awards Reception! Speaker Perez and Senator Lara will join Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and L.A. City Attorney Mike Feuer, West Hollywood Mayor Abbe Land, Long Beach Vice Mayor Robert Garcia, GLAAD National Spokesperson Wilson Cruz, and Prop 8 plaintiffs Jeff Zarrillo and Paul Katami to honor City Controller Ron Galperin, the Latino Equality Alliance, and the Robert John Russo Gallery.

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The Importance of the Supreme Court Cases in Unexpected Places

By John Lewis and Stuart Gaffney,
Marriage Equality USA

It was perhaps one of the last things we thought we’d hear in a gay bar in the heart of the Castro. But at a recent Friday evening happy hour at Hi Tops, we saw two attractive young men eagerly approaching each other, and when we overheard their greeting to each other it went something like this: “Did you get your biography in yet? Yes, we just did it today! That’s great – so did we!  We’re so excited! Which adoption agency are you using…?” Definitely a sign of the times — on a Friday night in a gay bar in the Castro, among other things, gay couples were discussing their hopes and dreams for having kids and raising families. And we were even more surprised when we heard the two men remark that gay male couples tend to receive babies through adoption more quickly than straight couples.

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Winning Rhode Island and Beyond: Next Up, Delaware!

Winning Rhode Island and Beyond
By Thom Watson, Marriage Equality USA
I was poised to write this column as a speculation about which state would be the tenth to recognize civil marriage equality for same-sex couples, joining nine other states and the District of Columbia where the freedom to marry is already guaranteed.

Would it be Delaware, where the House recently passed a marriage equality bill, just five days after the bill’s introduction?

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Happy Birthday Brian Silva of MEUSA

So as it turns out, today is also the birthday of Marriage Equality USA’s Executive Director Brian Silva.  Earlier today I wished one of my own senior officers a happy birthday in a blog post and we’ve decided to show some Queer Landia love to Mr. Silva as well!  Special shout out to Christine Allen, also of MEUSA, for reaching out and helping to inspire more birthday blogging today!

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Californians now support the freedom to marry

This just in from our friends at Marriage Equality USA

NEW FIELD POLL SHOWS 59% OF CALIFORNIANS SUPPORT FREEDOM TO MARRY Poll Shows Californians Now Favor Marriage Equality by 25% Margin

San Francisco • 29 February 2012 ― Marriage Equality USA is thrilled that Californians now support the freedom to marry for lesbian and gay couples by a 59% – 34% margin, according to a new California Field Poll released today. “Today’s poll results mark a turning point in public opinion in favor of the freedom to marry for all loving, committed same-sex couples in California,” said John Lewis, Marriage Equality USA’s Legal Director. “Coupled with the Ninth Circuit’s opinion striking down Proposition 8 earlier this month and legislative victories in the states of Washington, New Jersey, and Maryland, the momentum in favor of marriage equality has never been stronger,” said Lewis.

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Marriage equality events mark Valentine’s Day around the world

from pinknews.co.uk

Valentine’s Day is being marked around the world with a series of rallies and campaigns backing equal marriage rights and personal freedoms for gays.

Stuart Gaffney, Marriage Equality USA Media Director said: “The Ninth Circuit’s ruling that Prop. 8 is unconstitutional was an early Valentine to loving couples and fair-minded citizens everywhere.

“While the court’s ruling gives us renewed hope for the restoration of marriage equality in California soon, lesbian and gay people still can’t wed pending any further appeals. This Valentine’s Day, couples are again asking for marriage licenses — hoping that soon the endless appeals will stop, so the wedding plans can start.”

In the UK, Pride London delivered a Valentine’s Day card to Buckingham Palace this weekend asking the Queen to “kiss homophobia goodbye” in the Commonwealth countries which still criminalise gay acts.

Pride London said: “This Valentine’s Day people across the UK will enjoy the right to show their love for their partner whatever their sexual orientation – LGBT and beyond.

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