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New Poll Shows Progress in FL

Quinnipiac’s latest poll of Florida voters found a major shift in public opinion regarding same-sex marriage. While a plurality continues to oppose equality, the margin is now just 45-43 percent. That’s a steep plummet from May, when the poll found opposition at 50 percent with a 10 point lead. As always, the youth vote is ahead of the trend: Floridians under 29 lead the way in recognizing that South Beach would be the venue for fabulous weddings. Youth support is now 66-23 (+/- 2.8% on all questions).

But if you and your guests want to celebrate in full Biblical fashion (men laying with men must be stoned), better pack your bumbershoot and keep your caterer in Seattle. Unlike other states in which marijuana and SSM have marched forward hand in hand, the Sunshine State is stubbornly straight-edge. Voters oppose recreational legalization 52-42.


As an interesting side-note: 15.84% of Americans currently live in states allowing SSM. Once California shakes off Prop 8, that’s 27.91%. Add Florida and we’re over 1/3, with 34%. No wonder Gingrich is getting nervous

I finally understand!

Like many, I’m still catching up with all the recaps, of the 2012 Election.  As I did, I ran across an article, relating to the success of legalization of Gay Marriage and Recreational Use of Marijuana, in some states. A commenter on that site, made a statement about one of the most used biblical verses.  I applaud him, because we’ve been interpreting it wrong all along…

From Leviticus 20:13 – “if a man lays with another man, as he does with a woman, he should be stoned.”

Geez…I do love the internet!